damn alkaizer already 73 3 weeks into season

jee I wonder if he could push all the way to 80, from the looks of thing he can. the removal of trial really help him pushing ladder board.
The hp gap for mobs is to high for him to reach 80 I believe
what spec/gear does he use?
09/19/2015 03:34 PMPosted by Ascarecrow
what spec/gear does he use?

pretty sure its 6 piece ik/2 piece waste rend build with all in area damage and dps
Why do we still care about Alkizer?
09/19/2015 04:45 PMPosted by Kinseth
Why do we still care about Alkizer?

Because he is barbarian god.
Do you see how he fights the lag, pause watch game catch up then continue...

The lag in those nice density maps is ridiculous!
He tends to run out ahead of the pack and tail off once the returns on no-lifing are diminished.

I.e., going from paragon 100 to 300 is massive. Going from 1200 to 1500 is not as big a hop.

Eventually people start catching up and he drops off or goes and plays Templa...uh... Crusader.

Still think he's a great player but he only realy finished one season as Barb (s2).
On the European server one guy also cleared GR73. He did it with WW6/BK2 COE+Unity+OROTZ and lot of area dmg.

I did GR65 yesterday. Anything higher is too much fishing and absolutely no fun.
Just wait for Chainer to show this alkaizer grill who's boss.

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