Taeguk vs Zei

So Taeguk is DIBS

and Zei is a separate multiplier

So in high end GR Rend or WW6, why favor Taeguk over Zei?
From my observations, losing the Armour bonus from Taeguk toughness will take a massive drop. Zei's can also be difficult to keep stuff out of melee range, and with the cc reductions in 2.3 the r25 effect isn't as helpful.
the main benefit from zeis in melee builds will be the stun for APDs.

Rend will get more out of zeis since Rend is like, Rend and move on so you can hit Zeis up. But its not 100% distance all the time, so its multiplier is greatly diminished.

Also, taeguk for WW is brainless auto-stack.

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