where did you get Ancient Yang's Recurve

Demon Hunter
Are most of you upgrading yellows in the cube, or are you lucky enough to get a drop?
Are they dropping in grifts or rifts, and what Tlevel?
I tried it all, cube-crafting yellows, cube-crafting legs, Kadala. Stopped when a nice one dropped from RG at the end of a solo level 52 GR.
I cubed mine on my barbarian, the first bow.. was a cruddy ancient. xD Barbs cannot reroll disc as secondary either. :/ so yea.
Got mine through cubing rares. Took like at least a hundred to get a top bow, but was running a while with a sub opt ancient for a while.
Kanai's Cube is where I found 4 ancient Yang's the best of which is on my nonseason DH.
I got it in the Cube by upgrading yellow bows, then when i got the yangs I re rolled it a couple of times to make it ancient, I guess I was very lucky since it took me less than 10 bows to get the yangs and like 4 tries to make it ancient and it was quite good just had to re roll disc on it.
I just got it, and I don't even play UE, but I kept it safe in my stash
ive yet to see an ancient yangs. Have a decent normal one tho. I am cubing and upgrading ect , but no luck.

Also looking for a 2nd calamity to go Nats since I pretty much have full ancient set there too.

Gotten about 100 daneetas spites and natalyas slayers tho...
Doing runs for Hellfire Amulets. Got a good Bow and a decent Amulet out of it.
grift 45. not the best yang's but still ancient
Did an reforge of a regular recurve using the cube. Funny it was my first attempt to get it upgraded and it came up reasonably well rolled.
Kadala, by turning rare to legendary. Took me about 50 tries to get ancient one.
Kadala. Took me about 20 converts to get an ancient. And then I misused my reroll
I received my first Yang's by turning rares into legendary. The next rift I opened I got my ancient Yang's.
Got mine from upgrading yellows in the cube. First try, and I got the one I'm using. Feeling a wee bit lucky.

Grift 34 or something while i was leveling gems

Still fishing for a better one.
Cube and mine rolled beautifully:

    Dps 3399.2
    Dmg 15XX - 1938 (rolled)
    Dmg % 9
    Dex ~950
    Vit ~900
    Disc 11
    RCR 47%

I like Vit so I'm not upset about that at all, I rolled the dmg to 2 shy of the max 1940. I might find better, but I'm incredibly pleased with mine.
I did a combination of:

1. Farming rifts for drops
2. Upgrading all my found rare bows in the cube
3. Gambling 2H from Kadala
4. Reforging non-ancient Yang's

It was 4 that finally worked for me at around Para 420 and several dozen non-ancient Yang's found, gambled, or generated from the cube before I finally got the ancient one I'm wearing now in S4.

I found nine (9) Ramaladni's Gifts before I could acquire ONE ancient Yang's

My luck this season on stuff I want has been poor. VERY few UE drops... I'm only ancient on one slot... Only one Restraint ring and it's sub-optimal...
Cubing rares. I've seen a few drop naturally, but both my ancient ones were cubed. I had about 2000 deaths breaths and other mats I burned through right after patch released.

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