Can't view friends in profile

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Just like it says - the friends tab just flicks back top my profile - when i force the web address it says "Page Not Found"
I'm having the same problem
Having the same problem here now.
I'll add a reply to say this is still a thing that's happening.
Same here. Just reloads the main profile page. I see that the same issue seems to be true on the eu site.

I also notice that the website bug report subforum is gone from the list of forums, so I can't report this in a more appropriate place...
is this ever going to get fixed
Would be nice if they fixed this.
Yes, it would be nice.
This was reported a while ago, and they haven't done anything or commented on it at all. I would assume blizzard is aware of it, but see it as not a big rush to fix, nor feel the need to let us know they have noticed it also and will eventually look into when they a god damn good and ready to look into it.
The Web Development team, who run all of the Blizzard websites, are aware of the bug with the D3 Friends list. There is no ETA on when it will be fixed though. I can only imagine what the priority matrix looks like and where the Friends list might fit.
There's a workaround for it. Not too convenient if you want to look at all your friends, but if you're looking for someone specific, you can find them pretty easily without needing to know their full Btag number as you might for non-friends.

Type in the first few letters of their name or their btag into the search bar at the top of the website - you don't even need to hit enter. It'll pop down a list labeled "friends" containing all friends who match that search. For instance 2 of my friends' btag names start with "val" so if I type those 3 letters both show up.

Again, though, not quite as helpful if you want to survey all your friends, the one-stop location for links to all of them was pretty nice.

Edit: Oh, hey, doesn't even need to be the first few letters. Any 3+ letter string from within their name or btag will work.

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