Verizon FiOS Connectivity Issues with all Blizzard IP Addresses

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Since about the 26th of Sept I've been experiencing extremely high latency (1200+) while playing Diablo 3 and Starcraft two. I've submitted a ticket through Battlenet -> the response was that it was Verizon's problem. So I went over to Verizon, had an epic time navigating through their trouble support services and am now being told that the wait time to fix the issue (apparently on Verizon infrastructure side) will be three days. Welp the three days ended on the 5th of October and I still have terrible lag. Not sure what to do cuz I don't feel like staying on the phone with Verizon for another hour.
Yea this whole experience has been messed up. We are at the mercy of these company's slow response.

we got a big long thread already going on about it, with a particular problem in the LA area.
I am in the north east near Baltimore. Figured I'd spread word on what I've already tried to remedy the situation with FiOS.

1.) Use the chat service on the site.
2.) Tell the chat rep that you're getting timeouts on tracert/pathpings on the 4th and 5th hop going to whatever battlenet IP you choose.
3.) Emphasize that only the Battlenet IP address is effected.
4.) Prepare to have the tech disconnect/reconnect/DHCP renewal etc...
4a. If they want you to do a firmware reset of your device kindly explain to the tech that there is no issue with your connection to any other website, its only with Battlenet. That should clue them into creating a trouble ticket for what they call "network technicians".
5.) Be sure to get a suspense from the tech and a ticket number. Once the suspense is up, reengage. A lot of times these guys don't actually pursue the issue, hoping that it'll fix its self (gross complacency) or that you'll give up.
6.) Be patient and courteous, its not the tech's fault that there is a connection/port issue.

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