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I'm trying to build something to do a GR level 40 without a class set, any help?

at the moment, kind of thinking Suwong Diviner, Jeram's bracers, belt of transcendence, and Jeram's Helm, and running chill-dogs and chill-gargantuan with the appropriate rings that buff them and fire-wall with acid cloud, but beyond that I am stumped

thanks in advance for any help!
oh, also, additional question, sets like Aughhild's don't count, right? only class specific sets?
okay update, got it on the 1st try. It was really pretty easy. For anyone wanting to know more, what I learned is:

- sets like aughild's and asheara's are acceptable.

- my set up was:

Gear: mask of jeram, aughild's torso and shoulder, hellfire ammy, fetish-belt, scrimshaw and henri's perquisition, CoE ring and Stone of Jordan, jeram's bracers, and shrine gloves. Cubed furnace, grin reaper,and RoRG, and gems bane of trapped and stricken and molten gizzard.

skills: zombie bears, pyrogeist firebomb, firewall, spirit walk jaunt, dogs-chill rune, gargantuan-chill rune, and passives spirit vessel, confidence ritual, grave injustice, pierce the veil, and swampland attunement on HF ammy.

finished GR 40 with 3 minutes, 47 seconds remaining. Didn't push myself too hard. Hope this helps anyone else working on same thing!
Or you can break your set pieces before going into rift (take them to ~20% durability), bring boss to very low hp and die 2 times. You have no set bonus and almost dead boss now.
I would imagine some combination of Blackthorn's, Aughild's, and Born's would be effective. Obviously F/R would really shine here if you have them
I did it at first try with 9 minutes to spare with my carn doc. I just swapped set pieces to some crappy items from bank. Essential items was: carnevil, dagger of darts, F/R rings and zunimassa offhand (for fa dmg). Cubed : starmetal, convention of elements and mask of jeram. I was able to one-shot elites most of time (with ancient version of needed items), so with normal items, you will be a little bit slower, but you will be able to do it anyway.
I started with the basic Bears/HT set equipment and skillset.
i.e 6-piece HT, Belt of Transcendence, Jerams' Bracers, F/R, HF Ammy, Scrimshaw, Henri's Perq with Furnace/Grim Reaper/CoE in cube.
Blazing Spiders, Firewall, Jaunt, Piranhado, Zombie Bears, SH (Soul to Waste, left speed build on instead on using Languish).

Removed all HT and replaced with some ancient stuff I had laying around. Only real matched items were 2 pieces of ancient Blackthorne's I saved (I usually salvage immediately).

Kept all skills as is.

Finished with less that 15 seconds left, a real "Thrill" .

- You really miss the necrosis damage reduction.
- Take more time than I did and build replacement sets like Aughild's. I was lucky.
A stripped down Carn build works best IMO:
SMK + DoD, Carn + MoJ,
2pc Cain's, 2pc Aughild's,
Witching Hour, T&T or really any gloves
F+R, RoRG cubed
Zuni offhand for FA dmg or Uhkapian + dogs for some toughness.

Did 40 multiple times in 6 minutes or less in that setup.

What also works is an oldschool fetish/Gargdog build, but it's reaaaally squishy and has lower damage than Carn.

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