Unstoppable Force + Immovable Object Set

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I would like there to be a 2 item set based around The Unstoppable Force and The Immovable Object. I'm thinking that the set would have to be designed for the Crusader, since TUF is a two-handed mace, and only they can wield a two-hander and a shield at the same time. Could perhaps make TUF grant Heavenly Strength baseline, and a 2 set bonus that procs a giant explosion/thorns/black hole or something on your next hit following a block.

Does anyone else have any ideas? I would really like this to be a set, or maybe even separate legendaries that work well alone or together.
Something to do with charging creatures would be cool. Smash into you like a brick wall taking significant dmg etc...
Any batman reference is something I can get behind.
Something like Blood brother would probably kind of fit the concept. It has the immovable object aspect (taking less damage from a blocked attack) and unstoppable force (deal more damage after blocking)

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