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Please place ideas for a way to rework the RIMEHEART.

Some suggestions below.

1. Don't change anything except let all damage have the ability to proc (DOT, AOE, Pets, EVERYTHING).

2. Do something similar to convention of elements ring. Keep the proc the same, but for 4 seconds it adds 50 percent to freeze on hit. Next four seconds it releases a 2 second frost nova for every enemy killed. Next four seconds add 50 percent chance to freeze chilled enemies. Next four seconds adds 50 percent to cold damage. Next four seconds remove all freeze immunities of all enemies.

3. Do something similar to the shard of hate. Keep the proc the same, but add something else. Example: frozen enemies hit by poison have a chance to release a 2000 percent poison nova. Frozen enemies hit by lightning have an 80 percent chance to be stunned for X seconds. Frozen enemies hit by holy damage have a chance to release a 2000 damage fist of the heavens. Frozen enemies hit by fire take 100 percent more damage. Frozen enemies hit by arcane have a chance to refill primary resource. Frozen enemies hit by cold have a chance to double the proc rate of RIMEHEART.

What do you think?
I thought the proc sucked myself.
Remove the IC.
This one probably makes the most sense.

1. Don't change anything except let all damage have the ability to proc (DOT, AOE, Pets, EVERYTHING).

The other suggestions are probably too much text and 'if, then, else; code.
If it procced 50% on chilled enemies it might be decent on IK barbs and natalyas where it could be multiplied.
So basically remove the only thing unique about this weapon (on freeze effect), and change it to another proc weapon. How would that allow the weapon to come into the meta again?
Just suggestions. Really, it just needs to proc more. Maybe somehow ignore the second proc rates.
The chance and damage could be increased.

10% chance to proc vs frozen enemy when crowd control has been nerfed so hard means it just won't work.
10/11/2015 01:01 AMPosted by Ignacius2002
Let it work against chilled enemies, don`t need much else.

Indeed, just remove the "frozen" requirement. Chilled would be fine.

Not sure how the ICD is, as it's hard to even get it to proc, but it should allow for a good solid 2-3000% damage each second.
with the way they've been designing sets to give specific skills obscene amounts of damage, I honestly think just upping the proc to 100,000% weapon damage would be sufficient. That way, it still competes with the 750% skill damage boost of, say, DMO. It would be OP for lower level GRs and torment levels, but no one really cares about that..

Or, if not that, then perhaps rimeheart could read "10% chance to do 10,000% weapon damage to frozen enemies, and 10% chance to reset a chilled enemies resistance to freeze effects."

That way, it still has a use beyond just the somewhat mediocre damage.
I certainly think the original version was op. It gave a chance to shatter enemies (one hit kill). However, the reaction to fix it was too swift. I still think it should reward you for freezing enemies, maybe just increase the proc rates and allow the chance for area damage to proc when this procs. That might even it out.
There is still the problem that some classes have sets which increase the overall dmg (including proccs) and other classes just increase the dmg of certain skills.

It was always very unbalanced because overall dmg increase create diversity and skill only dmg increase destroys this diversity.
Same goes for proccs, if you would boost some proccs not everyone would benefit of it. Only Barbs benefit of it. Maybe monks and dh a little bit but not as good as barbs.

First the developers of diablo should all sit together and discuss what they want to do in the future, general dmg increase or skill only increase. But they shouldnt do a mixture of both of it.
I prefer general dmg because it increases all kinds of proccs. In my opinion diablo3 devs dont work as a team very well.
My suggestion: Remove the 10% chance, and allow the effect to only proc against a given target once every X+Y number of seconds from you, and every X number of seconds from all sources. For example, maybe X=5 and Y=7, so an enemy would be immune to your Rimeheart for 12 seconds, and everyone else's for only 5 seconds.

The text might look something like this:
"Instantly deal 10,000% weapon damage as Cold to enemies that are Frozen. Enemies gain resistance to the effect for a short duration."
Rimehart was useless before.

It became even more useless when New crowd control changes got introduced.

How are you suppose to proc this sword when its

A. 10% on chance on frozen monsters
B. Monsters become immune to crowd control such as freeze after a few CC hits.

For 10,000 weap damage, its not worth meeting those conditions.
I appreciate you guys keeping the discussion going on this. I also agree that there are many weapons that may need to be updated. However, I guess I am being selfish because I created a character and a build that was entirely dependent on the RIMEHEART. In theory it would have worked great. However, because of everything mentioned above, it did not even work on paper.

Since it is so difficult to actually freeze enemies on a consistent basis, I think it is great to have a weapon that rewards you for freezing enemies. However, once you add in the proc rates, the increase to enemy immunities, and the fact that unique weapon affixes do not proc area damage, it makes a weapon like this only sound great in theory or on paper.

I really like the ideas so far. I think if there was a way to take some of these unique affixes and make exceptions for some of them so they are no longer obsolete. For instance, let this proc for all types of damage (DOT, pet damage, area damage, etc.). Or maybe upping the proc rate to 50 percent, but adding a cooldown to it (cool down can be lowered by regular reduce cool down stats).
Love this elemental damage cooldown idea.

Keep them coming. This is great.
All they have to do is have the bonus proc 100% of the time to frozen enemies.
How about adding some other affixes to other items that would make this affix more effective.

1. Add a shoulder or bracer that allows area damage to proc from unique affixes.

2. Add a shoulder or bracer that allows area damage to proc from area damage.

3. Add a shoulder or bracer that allows doubles the chance of unique affix procs.

4. Add a shoulder or brace that allows unique affix procs to proc other unique affix procs.

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