Unity Solo Rifting?

Witch Doctor
Do you guys who solo 60+ use unity when soloing?
I like to know as well.
no. Equipping Focus and Restraint, and cubing convention of elements.
I've been doing mid 50s with no trouble. No deaths and at least 2-3 minutes to spare every time. I use SOJ and COE with unity in the cube.

My survivability is great and I would probably be able to clear higher if I had a cubed furnace.

Unity is still amazing for survivability, just as it always was.
No WD is using Unity for higher GR pushes. DPS reigns supreme in D3. Maybe in HC...

I did 68 (NS) with no Unity. (To support my claim.)
Can you elaborate a bit on the how? Have you had to fish? I've been trying and failing to clear solo 60. The lightning channeling/pouncing thingies (lol I can't recall their names) just destroy me.
For Carnevil Doc, no unity. F&R rings and RroG cubed. Enchantress has never die token. Only beat 58 solo so far and haven't tried since even though I have received some minor updates.

Gogok, SS and BotT gems.
I have used unity in pushing , but I play HC. Standard cube setup is furnace, grin reaper, unity. Have also tried out Henri's, grin reaper, CoE as an alternate and I think ultimately this will go much higher in HC, but the unity setup is much more reliable, and I have never been one for the fishing....

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