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I had previously been playing on PC, but when I purchased a PS4, the appeal to play this game laid back in my leather recliner on my large TV, compelled my to purchase the game for a second time.

I played mostly solo, but also played with one of my buddies from college... but I never played a public game. I had level to 450ish paragon and was running a 6 piece wastes / 4 piece IK barb. I was clearing 50+ on grifts and 55+ when I played with my buddy.

I talked another friend who had a PS4 into buying the game so we could see what we could 3 man. I saw that he hit 70 and I joined a game that he was in (public). I teleport to him and all of a sudden all of these paragon level notifications started popping up. In the 2 minutes it took for me to realize that the game had somehow been hacked, I quickly left the game.... I had shot up from 450 to 1150 paragon.

I am pretty mad at this point because my game that I had legitimately leveled up and geared out to a decent level was tainted. That 700 jump in paragon was quite noticable. So I join another public game and ask what the hell is going on. I soon find out that basically everyone cheats on console and blizzard doesn't do anything about it.

This disappointed me on so many levels. First of all, I played alot of D2 back in the day... a game which was also ruined by cheating, dupes and mods. Second, the next day I went exploring and seeing the hacked items and max paragon players... and realized WTF is the point of playing the game anymore if you don't need anything from it to progress your character.

I was ready to quit the game for good... but realized I could delete my Ps4 save file and never step foot in a public game again.

My preference would be that the get rid of all of the cheating... but in the end it doesn't effect me, because I don't play with the other players.. so I guess I don't care that much.

However, It would be awesome to see Blizzard implement seasons/ladders on console. Where cheating would get you banned. It would be nice to be able to compete and see the legitimate progress of other console players.
Same thing happened to me man. At first I thought I had just gotten super lucky and was playing with higher lvls on a higher difficulty so I figured I was jumping fast. Then I read up on the forums and realised I was cheated. Pretty !@#$ty that Blizzard allows this to happen consistently. Now I'm Paragon lvl 1038 when I was only at like 40 before. I have the paragon lvl but not the gear to back it up.
Sorry to hear that, this is why I play solo only. As a safety precaution you might want to get yourself a USB thumb drive and back up your characters from time to time. If something like this ever happens again you can roll back without having to start over.
Almost had this happen to me, but I had the usb from a day before.

PresdentShinra on the network if you're looking for help getting back up. No hax. Para 500 though. So be aware of how shared xp works if you take me up on that.
if they get rid of the shared xp, this wouldn't be an issue

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