De Staat: Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor
Hey at least the animation is cool:
Holy hell that was neat! =D
Thanks a lot for that! +1 for you.

Now we need a zombie vortex cross-over skill.
Just a stampede of zombies circling you. I'm in.
thx for sharing - awesome Video.
That was awesome
Would be neat if we could implement some sort of cross over on skills. Imagine a legendary secondary affix on items -

Zombie Charger now gains the effect of Piranhado. Whichever charger you select now is cast in a tornado at your target location. Targets are pulled in, and Piranhas cannot be on your skill bar.
IDK what the hell I just watched....but that was cool.
Damn good !
Can't say I'm much of a fan of the music, but thought I'd share. :)

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