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I play HC mainly, and only have played HC this season so far.
We as hardcore players know what it means to check that box.
A blizz employee could bust in your home and rip the cables out of your modem causing your death, and still, will not replace the character.

I do get annoyed when I lose a character from server crash or loss of ISP connections, but it is the risk I take.
We all have our games and playstyles we like.

OP if you cannot accept that you can die in HC for any reason no matter the cause, then HC is not for you.

RIP, Reroll and have fun.

You deserved every bit of what you got.
"mommy my hc char died from lag"

*looks at op's profile*
*realizes op does not hc*

The OP is a troll. He has a single level 1 hc toon that he's never played.
Why won't people accept that you sign over your rights to complain by clicking on the HC character box and reading the warning by creating the character. Under no circumstances will Blizzard revive a dead HC character.

Well almost, there was ONE case I recall where Blizzard did roll back characters but that was due to a server error (not lag) in which some players lost their characters while logged out (i.e. not playing). In that case, of course, the players had no control over the issue and it was fixed accordingly.
10/07/2015 12:19 PMPosted by Iria
the players had no control over the issue and it was fixed accordingly

Do players have any control whatsoever as it relates to lag?
10/07/2015 12:12 PMPosted by EmmetOtter
*looks at op's profile*
*realizes op does not hc*

The OP is a troll. He has a single level 1 hc toon that he's never played.

A single lvl 1 HC toon WITH 262 Para,interesting, isn´t it?
My whole family still fine so far :P

Knocking on wood ^^
10/07/2015 08:26 AMPosted by Doc
I can see why nobody likes to play HC.

10/07/2015 08:27 AMPosted by mooomooo
It amazes me people still play HC then have the nerve to complain.

10/07/2015 08:29 AMPosted by Phoenix074
It actually surprises me with all of the known server problems that people are still trying to play HC!

10/07/2015 08:33 AMPosted by Quantrill
Not sure why people act like jerks because people in HC complain about Blizz-induced deaths.

Seems like people on both sides of the aisle complain about as equally. First of all, forum communities represent a TINY amount of the actual game population. Second, forums attract mostly just complaints, with a little useful information sprinkled in.

As for HC and SC, I really detest people taking as one versus the other. Both have people who complain, both have elitists who look down on players who do not see their own point of view, and both have legitimate problems signature to their gameplay modes. One versus the other is silly, and each gameplay mode preferences is personal preference every player has a right to, and should not need to incur insults for it.

That said, YES. HC has a legitimate issue at playing consistently due to server instability. Unfortunately, the mix of different client/PC setups, network types, ISP types, outside of Blizzard's control allow them to diminish their responsibility in the matter. This is the #1 reason i never bothered with HC. I felt there was no way that all those factors AND server stability issues would EVER allow me to play uninterrupted without worry of D/C deaths. I feel as if D/C deaths could be easily fixed if Blizzard servers buffered a few seconds or even a full 60 seconds before D/C so that when a player reconnects they have plenty of time to react to the situtation they were originally left in. This would help alleviate reconnection deaths for HC players, but the remaining issue would be that it would require 30-60 seconds buffer time to avoid immediate death situations. Then again, that would also take a TON of extra server storage space for any spikes in buffering. It would have to automatically kick in upon any unnatural game disconnect outside of alt+F4 and exiting normally.

Like HC players, i would very much enjoy the challenge of one life characters and planning accordingly. But the above issues keep me away sadly. Softcore simply provides much more security that my continual progression will not be stopped due to things outside of my control. Other SC players alike enjoy this security and their challenge comes in the form of top end min/max gearing, GR leaderboard progression, or even self created challenges like iron man, or pure solo play. Neither "side" should insult the other for their preference in game mode, nor should they diminish each other's complaints as everyone is different, no one likes the same things, and people will always complain no matter what the situation...

just sayin. stop squabbling, instead just focus on constructive ideas for solutions/suggestions. cheers
10/07/2015 10:03 AMPosted by Stillday
When you play hardcore you accept all the consequences that go with it.
If you dont want to die on Hc, you should play with 2 witch doctor, 2 barb double rend with a lot of area damage, dont forget to put zei on the wd.
Lesson learned here. I was on my WD and lost him in a simple GR

<pour some out for my homie, WhiteZombie>

I guess I can focus on my other guys lol
10/07/2015 08:38 AMPosted by Limix
yeah i seen someone crying they lost a leg they couldnt pick up when the server crashed, like please so many people lost their main heroes today!

wahhh I lost an arm when the server crashed wahhh I just lost an eye and two fingers when it crashed again!
Blizzard have already stated in the TOS when you start a HC character. Under 0 circumstance will your character be revived.
Stop QQing honestly.
Why dont you just play SC and not die. Just make that your goal. That way if you DC. You dont have issues do you
Hardcore is't so hardcore anymore tbh if you consider how easy it is to level new char boost it and to collect backup set, and using less awesome items when doing something risky etc.
not to mention the lag issues lately and other issues, don't bother complaining about a lost char its pointless just deal with it, hardcore would't be hardcore otherwise not like it is anyway anymore though.
HC death due to server issue is not a matter of "if" but "when"

This is why I admire HC players...kinda like the way I admire snake charmers and base jumpers.
I thought that the sudden lag spikes were part of the fun of playing HC.

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