Reflect Damage too high, & not for players?

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I don't think I'm alone in regarding RD is way over powered & makes the game (GR runs) pointless & just annoying.
So you need high DPS to complete GR60 but then find its full of RD elites & your game is ruined unless you can skip then altogether. So why put RD in at all? Is there a point to RD that I'm missing?
And how come only elites get RD that can one-shot any player, yet players get to use paltry thorns damage? meh.
Please remove RD from the game. Its just not needed & not wanted.
you can dodge mortar. lots of attacks can one-shot you at high GR. But RD is annoying & not in the spirit of beastie killing when you just kill yourself a lot.
Looks like a non-interest topic. I guess I need to harden up my DH & skip past mobs like everyone else. run run run
!@#$, I thought we had gotten past this...

It shows you where the mortars will land. Don't stand in the bad.
mortor is easy to dodge. in HC too. Use some skill is the answer for that.
so is freeze. dodge & hit. That's good D3.

RD is inescapable,
& makes GR60+ pointless for solo DPS players.
If you get lucky & come across no RD mobs, happy game. RD mob after RD mob, exit D3.

Why should I reduce my dps to overcome these RDs? So I can go back to GR50? Who is doing that? Oh, noobs. Well have fun. We all did at some point.

RD is just a pointless affix.
I see RD as a "free" affix. I have not had an issue with it since vanilla on any of my characters. Maybe I don't do enough DPS to make it hurt, but even my squishy Wizards can unload on RD and my red ball of goodness does not drop a tick.
With the goofy lag going on, you can move your character well outside of the impact zone for various effects, and still receive damage when the attack lands. The server is running slightly ahead of what you see on your screen, so by the time the warning circle displays on your end, the server has already begun toting up damage on its end.

Damage Reflect is particularly painful for my Hammerdin Crusader, because you've got a zillion hammers floating out there you can't just turn on/off to match the reflect state of the bad guy(s) Still, I prefer having the variety of affixes, even when they are difficult for your build to handle. If we kill off every affix that is especially troublesome for each class or build, what would we have left?
It's like you guys didn't read the patch notes, which tell you how to beat RD. Emphasis added.

Reflects Damage

Now has a warning visual for a short time before dealing damage
Now reflects damage of the same type that was dealt
Now has a very short internal cooldown
Damage inflicted has been increased
Only one monster in a pack can reflect damage at a time
Monsters can no longer reflect damage while afflicted by a Witch Doctor's Hex
10/10/2015 07:10 AMPosted by BRSANGUINE
it's not as bad as it was 2 years ago. I don't even notice it anymore. Mortar is way worse, now THAT'S one that needs serious nerfing, one-shotting me when I can stand in an Arcane beam for 2 seconds without dying (without that amulet that converts Arcane damage to health)

Mortar is 100% avoidable. It's actually one of the most challenging and better designed affixes for ranged players. The only problem might be lag, but the affix's design itself isn't to be faulted for this. If you're just expecting to sit in every affix monsters toss at you and outgear it with massive toughness/healing, you're doing it wrong. Honestly, with all the changes defense has undergone (particularly the removal of life leech and permaCC), I think it should be pretty clear by now the designers don't want you soaking all damage.

Frankly, I'd love more affixes like mortar that actually manage to keep you on your toes and actively dodging, rather than crappy stuff like RD, that just makes you stop shooting and run in circles till the stupid thing fades off. Shielding is equally annoying as well. Worst is, neither RD nor shielding are challenging at all, they're just awfully annoying to deal with.
10/21/2015 04:40 AMPosted by DrEvil
Why should I reduce my dps to overcome these RDs?

10/21/2015 05:24 AMPosted by Hakon
Maybe I don't do enough DPS to make it hurt

The DPS doesn´t matter with RD.

RD has a fix dmg per level/difficulty/GR-level.It also reflects the element you are using.
So... if your output is Holy, it will reflect back as Holy damage? Sumptin' tells me that ain't happenin'.
RD must be nerfed 50%, Arcane too.
10/21/2015 06:28 AMPosted by Bianchi4Me
So... if your output is Holy, it will reflect back as Holy damage? Sumptin' tells me that ain't happenin'.

Data to back it up?
What's new. DrEvil coming up with more pointless drivel.
my DH still has trouble killing siege breaker solo.
I think they have finally got RD balanced just about right, before the last patch it was the worst by far for my DH even my tanky one.(I know a tanky DH is a contradiction :D)

Now it's a lot easier to deal with so I don't kill myself when I attack for Tal Rash it's different the meteors fire by themselves and even with all the survival gear I still get smoked sometimes.

Mortars......I do think they are buffed after the last patch same as frozen I can't remember them being this nasty before, literally a rain of them following you wherever you go at times and if you are wearing a HF ammy and not one of the immunity ammy's then good luck.

Mortars and Frozen are my 2 least favorites right now but I suppose you could always play a barb or monk and then not care as much.
Frozen does seem to do a ton of damage. It can one shot my WD. top that off with exploding mobs while frozen and it's off to meet and greet your maker. I run a pet build on my WD so it's not as bad for me as it would be for other builds. I can avoid these affixes about 65% of the time unless I'm in a hallway or some place where i can't get out of the way.

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