good set for groups?

Hello, so far I've just been using the vyr's archon build and have managed to collect all the armor set pieces of the tal rasha, delsere, and firebird sets since I started playing. Which one of these sets is most useful in group rifts? I would just keep using the vyr's but I have a hard time getting stacks in groups unless I run off and pull packs of mobs alone.
I tried Archon and it does not synergize with anything. Just a very good solo build, but sucks in groups compared to all other classes.

Pure Tal Rasha can be good because of the damage, but it's still lacking compared to what monks/wds/barbs can do. I tried playing pure tal with a lot of meteor/fire damage stacked and SS in hand for double hydras. Still meh.
Archon would be ok if you could somehow work Crown of the Primus into the build. Having to cube RoRG always sucks unless you are support.

Speaking of support, has anyone tried a build wearing Primus, Ranslor, Halo, Strongarm etc? With this build:!ZWdR!ZbZYZc

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