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I am getting a bit frustrated with the lack of a game guide that really explains things and is updated. I just went to the Diablo wiki and forums etc along with the patch updates and can't find any information on infernal machines, what kinds there are, and who drops what, how many, and what percentage of the time in which act! Can someone help with that information?

On top of it, I don't understand rank level. For example, when I got a legendary gem, it says I have to have a rank of 25 to use it. What does that mean and how do I find out what my rank is? If there is a much better guide than the wiki, please let me know. I've been spending too much time looking for answers for things that should be in a game guide that's updated after patches. Thank you!
Here's the useful info about the Infernal machine drop rate.

Press "M" to your keyboard to see the map. The map will show you the location of the keys in four Act (Act I, II, III, IV). The "KEY" icon on the map indicating the location of the "Keywarden" You need to kill the "Keywarden" hiding in that area in able to get the "Infernal Machine".
Once you collected the 4 Infernal Machine you can use it in Act I (New Tristan). Go to Act I & find "Brother Malachi The Healer". In his left side, there's small barn, you need to knock it down the door in able to open that room. Once the room open go inside & click the "Infernal Machine" 1 at a time. Finish the 1st portal first before you open another portal again. You can also open the 4 portal one at a time but I suggest that you do it 1 by 1.

Regarding the gem. Everytime you finished GR=Greater Rifts, Urshi will spawn infront of you then you need to click her to open her dress (joke) so that you can upgrade your gem 3x, but you need to watch the percentage if it is 100% or lower so that the rank of your gem will go up. Do it as long as you can.

Good Luck
To be fair, part of the "fun" is figuring things out on your own, and Hellfire crafting is supposed to be an end game task so it isn't something that needs to be spelled out because, by the time one is in the position of being able to do it, you should have been able to figure out how.

With that said:

1. Crafting Hellfire jewelry:

Prerequisite: You have to be level 70, Torment 1 or higher, and in Adventure Mode.

There are 4 crafting materials that need to be collected in 4 special realms. Within these realms are the Uber bosses, basically versions of regular bosses like Maghda, Zoltan Kulle, Diablo, etc. Upon killing them, they have a chance of dropping these mats, depending on the difficulty level. On Torment 10, they are guaranteed to drop 2 with a chance of dropping a third.

To get into these realms, you need an infernal machine, one for each realm, for a total of 4 infernal machines. These machines used to be crafted by Haedrig the Blacksmith, from keys you collected from Keywardens. With patch 2.3, this has changed so that the keywardens drop machines directly and you no longer have to craft them. There are 4 keywardens, one in each of the first 4 acts. Their location is noted on the map by a small key, but they are Fields of Misery in Act 1, Dahlgur Oasis in Act 2, Stonefort in Act 3, and Gardens of Hope level 1 (I think) in Act 4. Again, the chance of the keywarden dropping an infernal machine is dependent on difficulty level, up to an 80% chance on T10. T6 has about a 50% drop chance, and it gets lower as you drop the difficulty level, so you really shouldn't bother farming for machines unless you can do higher torment difficulties efficiently. Also, the patch has changed how they drop for groups. It used to be that, if a key dropped, it would drop for everyone in a group, even if that person wasn't on the map at the time. This made it feasible to do split key farming. Now, you have to be on the map when the keywarden is killed for a chance to get a machine, and it won't necessarily drop for everyone.

2. Legendary Gem levelling

Legendary gems have 2 effects: a primary and a secondary. The primary effect is the one that can be levelled, and increases in power as gem increases in rank. The secondary effect does not increase in power, but requires that the gem be levelled to rank 25 before it is activated. That is the part that you are confusing. Note how the text for the secondary effect is grayed out. Once you get the gem to 25, the text becomes orange like the primary effect. Again, the gem can be used right away, and you will gain its primary effect right away, no need to wait until you level it to 25 before using it. And when you examine a gem in your inventory, it will show its rank. All gems start at rank 0. You can even see what the gem's rank is in your profile.

Legendary gems are upgraded in Greater Rifts. If you complete a GRift within the time limit, Urshi will appear and give you 3 chances at upgrading a gem. The chance of a successful upgrade is dependent on the difference between the gem's rank and the GRift level. So if you want a 100% chance of upgrading, you have to complete a Grift level at least 10 over the gem rank. If you want all three chances to be 100%, then you need to complete a GRift level 12 over the gem rank. So, for example, you are upgrading a fresh new legendary gem that is at rank 0. You would need to successfully complete at least a level 12 GRift in order to be guaranteed to level it to rank 3.
...and when you finish all that machine and organ gathering, there is about a 98% (guesstimate) chance the Hellfire you crafted will be worthless for anything but leveling new characters. (Hellfire amulet and ring have no level requirements, so super useful on your level one baby toon.) Plan on making dozens of these if you are hoping for one to wear in end game play.
In addition to that, you can buy the plan in Act II so that you can make Hellfire Amulet or Hellfire ring.
I know this may seem "small fry" but I didn't know it...when you go to find the shack door next to Malachi the Healer hold down the shift key and use your cursor pointer to break down the door.

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