Adria is invisible and un-hittable.

Bug Report
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Don't know what happened. probably killed her 2 dozen times during bonus cache weekend. Today I tried to fight her 3 times and it is the same everytime. Run up and hit her a few times then she does her spin around animation and completely disappears. Was trying for the boss mode achieve, but kind of hard to do when adria is invisible and untouchable.

OS Win7 64 Bit
Radeon R9 270X Driver 13.251-131206a-166389C-ATI
just ran into this problem myself.

One of the group died to her and we were all like "How did that happen?"

So we each try and she's totally invisible and cannot be hit, but she still melees and still casts her abilities.

The bounty is literally impossible to kill her so can't complete the bouties for Act V when this happens
Seeing the same thing. Pretty annoying.

I got it to work on the fourth try. I just let her kill me and re-entered.
Having the same issue here. I'm running through the campaign and I've attempted the fight twice now. Both times she becomes invisible and still uses her abilities.
Having same issue here 1st time trying to kill her
happened 2 me 2 times in a row... going to try later.
happening consistently to me and 2 others we need to kill her for bonus and cant
same here what can we do ?
Confirm. Adria has obtained a cloak of invisibility. Kind of makes the fight one sided.

Torment VII, Witchdoctor, Win 7 64bit, NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
Just running through seasonal campaign, attempted fight 3x with varying amounts of time before she vanishes. She still shoots and attacks, but is immune to any attacks. After merrily running around the battlefield for 5 minutes waiting for a change...I simply decided to die. Hard to proceed with the story this way...
Here is a vid example of it in action

US Realm HC lvl 63.
I am having the same bug too.
Adria is not visible to kill in the Great Hall. Please fix this horrible bug.

I can fight her for about 4 seconds then she goes away and continues to taunt and fire at me.

Thanks for your help.
Same here,
Please fix this annoying problem. I just bought D3 ROS yesterday and today I am stuck at this boss in the campaign mode.
Bug for me too. Re-entering after getting killed via checkpoint / town made no difference.
Same thing happening to me. First time she teleports to blood fountain she glitches and goes invisible.
Happened to me as well.
just happened to me, and sadly it's not during bounties or adventure mode. I'm lvl 68 and need to finish the story campaign, but can't fight Adria
Same here
just had this happen on a hardcore toon damnit

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