Adria is invisible and un-hittable.

Bug Report
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Yea just happened to me. let her kill me 4 times now and still she goes invis. Can not complete act 5 bounties now.......
Just had this happen to me while trying to do the bounty to kill her.

Any theories on why this happened so suddenly? I didn't notice any file updates the last few days.
This happened to me as well, Adria in unkillable.
Confirmed, Please fix this Blizzard. You have always made fantastic games but for this big of an issue to be allow to continue? Tsk tsk.
And to me on my firts HC caracter. did not die but can't kill her in 4 seconds... so I'm stuck -_-
Happened to me too! Halted my progress :( Please Blizz, save us!
Me too. I have the same problem.
I just wanted to pop in here and let you all know that we are actively investigating this right now. Thanks for the reports, everyone!
İ have same problem. What should i do.
Currently sitting on a hardcore toon waiting to figure out how im going to continue.... No word from blue on this issue?????

Adria invisible hitting me with purple crap!
Just lost my HC-Monk because of this. Atfer 10 minutes of trying to hit her in her invisible state i realized theres no escape and quit. I want that monk back ...
Same here. Even dropping it to Normal isn't enough as I cant kill her in the 4 or 5 seconds she's visible.

lvl 66 Barbarian T1
cant even do bounties cause of this bug ughhhhhhh WTF blizz get your !@#$ together
I'm also having this issue. I've tried 4 times.
Had to put it on normal to kill her. Luckily I was just doing campaign. Hey, Blizzard. FIGURE IT OUT!!!!
I also have this bug :( and it seems to me this is a general bug, so i just want to know where will be solved, i really want to go through her.
instead of saying:

same here
me too
this just happenned to me

READ the EFFING FAQ on top of the bug report forums u bunch of geniuses!

Post your specs:

windows version
Graphic card make and model
graphic card driver version
direct x (run dxdiag)

this is the minimum amount of info needed to diagnose these type of technical problems.

bunch of idiots seriously.......
Adria is totally gone invisible after the 1st hit.

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