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Hey MrSynyster, I am Garfm leader of the clan <Guard> Guardians Path. This season I am hosting a clan community contest which is open for any clan to join. I would like to invite you and your clan Psychic Hammer to check out the contest and sign up if you are interested. I am hosting this contest hoping to bring about a different style of competition and hopefully bring together and strengthen the Diablo community. Contest rules and signups can be found in the links below.


Contest Forum:

Google Document version of Contest Forum (same info as above link):

Sign ups:

Contest Leaderboards:

Thanks for your time and best of luck to you and your clan in Season 7 and the new era.

Cheers, Garfm
Can I join you guys?
sure thing BigBullet,
adding you right now.
Come join us for Season 7!
Hello there!

Is your clan still actively recruiting?

I normally play solo or sometimes with the family. I've been contemplating joining a clan for a while but have yet to actually do it. I play on the US servers and am on the east coast. I play often.

I just want a clan that's laid back with some older players, as I am 36. I look forward to your response.
Ill get you added today xAthenax
Awesome! Ty MrSynyster. I am looking forward to it. :-)
\,,/ Back To The Front! \,,/
Hey MrSynyster,

Would love to join you guys! GooberKid#1104.

A clan for people who prefer playing solo, sounds like a great idea.
MatthewD#1924. I play almost exclusively solo
"playing solo but don't want to be alone" I think i can resonate with that. add me, I'll give it a try
Wow what a great turnout!

Since it is the start of the season, I will be in game a whole lot more than the Forum.

So friend me in game!


And I will get you added!

See you in Sanctuary!
Hey, I'd love to join your clan. Can you add me, Mikec#1500? Thanks!
You got it Mike!
Update. Classic Monday....Back at work. :-(
hey there,

I'd like to join! sazern#2965 :)
Awesome Sazern. I will get you added this evening!
I would like to give it a try....I haven't play multi in 10 years.We had our Clan in D1and 2 but idiots ruined the game so.... if you would consider it I would be grateful....Thx

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