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if there was more to do than grind grifts in this game all day long every day, bots wouldn't be as big of an issue, the underlining problem is content this game lacks it just like Diablo 2 did, blizzard did not do a thing about botting the what makes you think that they can do something or will do something now.

Add some content to this game beyond grinding rifts its boring, season are to long in my opinion and that leads to !@#$ like this happening.

With that being said this game has come along way since launch night, but there is nothing to do other than grind paragons and leader board ranking.
they need to remove paragon and add some real content
Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen. Blizzard has shown us that their commitment to the game has basically dropped off a cliff for Diablo 3.

Considering that the ruins of seschrion (or whatever) was announced at blizzcon 2014, and basically that was the only "major" content patch for the entirety of time up to now. With Blizzcon 2015 approaching, I have to say that the future for Diablo 3 content is fairly bleak. Maybe they'll announce something, but we'll likely have to wait another 6-9 months for them to implement it again. 6-9 months because it took them from Nov 2014 to August of 2015 to finish that update which was 9ish months.

The seasons have added some content sure, but the fundamental problems that have plagued the game since launch in 2012 hasn't been fixed and with Blizzard's track record over the past 3 years, I don't think they will ever truly fix diablo 3.

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