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Create a key that opens a "Rift" to nothing but elites...HIGH density elites. Only available or Torment 10 or hardest difficulty that is in game at the time.
That's it.

But other ideas coming to me as I type.
Give some type of bonus or chance of a bonus for killing EVERY SINGLE elite in a single rift....that will increase wanting to play and wanting to look for groups that's gonna clear full rift instead of ending as soon as boss is dead.

For the cube:
Create an item that is guaranteed ancient roll...make it rare like Ramaldni's Gift. OR an item that can be placed in cube to reforge a particular stat or even legendary stat.

Have much more swimming in my head but that should be good for now...hopefully someone important, who can make changes or even read it and give it thought, will see this.

I got an idea.

-> A true Endless Rift with real randomization that rewards players for sticking together.
i got an idea

make D3 offline so modders will make a good game out of it and when blizzard hires them we will have a great D4.
why would they hire you when you've already posted your ideas....
The flaw in your logic is that Blizzard first needs to read these forums to see your idea in order to want to hire you. Don't quit your current job.
stupid idea... if they ever did this the cries for nerfing affixes would be DEAFENING.
You know your not far off a very good idea.

Not sure about the rest of you, but Im having stash issues maintaining all my bovines and puzzle rings.

What if, when farming Grift keys in rifts, we have the chance for a bonus 2nd or third special rift key to drop, which stacks and can come in many forms.

These include:

1. Bonus key for cows (goodbye bovines that dont stack and dont drop for range classes),
2. Bonus key for greed (goodbye to puzzle rings that also dont stack),
3. Bonus key for elite only level,
4. Bonus key for room full of gobs (very rare key drop), and
5. Bonus key for tripple xp (can be used for any level of grift or rift, also very low drop chance).

And anything you can think of?

If its a type of key thats lost its shine (like puzzle rings for many of us), you just dont pick it up at the end of the rift.

You troll. You do know we skip elites for higher density mobs on higher greater rifts.
Have a rift where there is one all powerful monster and you have many clones of yourself, and you have to try stop the monster from completing the rift.
He has unlimited re-spawns and can go back to town to repair his gear.

Hire me Blizzard
10/23/2015 04:53 PMPosted by DoomBringer
I got an idea.

-> A true Endless Rift with real randomization that rewards players for sticking together.
I really dont get it why those devs have not done this already. Blizz we need an endless horde mode.
More people are hired for giving blow jobs than having a good idea. If you want a job so bad, find someone pervy and start sucking.
Ideas to streamline Grifting:

Colors on your portrait:
**Tanks - Blue
**DPS - Yellow
**Heals - Green

That way we can stop Inspecting other players like crazy.

Also, like WoW, quick swapping of gear, so that you can be tank / DPS / heals quick smart. (This should have its own special loot tab, on your bag, that allows you to choose powers / abilities too).

Next, player ratings for the grifters that constantly feel the need to leave a grift the second its not a cake walk. Maybe a 1 week cooldown or eternal banishment to a server that would make a paperclip and an elastic band look powerful and responsive by comparison. Other players should be able to see your "Player stats":
Grifts started.
Grifts completed.
Reason for non completion:
**Booted for being a tard
**Left early because house was on fire etc.

Lastly, grifts feel too hard once a player leaves, maybe a bit of rebalancing there.

Thanks for your time. See you in game,

Deathdar :)
He may have more ideass and have posted this one to get himself noticed :)
Best idea:
Give d3 in the hands of community, we have more good ideas and are willing to do them for free.

Come on Blizz, you don't even care about diablo

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