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The amount of modded weapons and their effect on your character on consoles destroys the community aspect of playing with people you don't know.

The amount of botters and TurboHUD'ers on PC is destroying the competitiveness of the Seasonal Leaderboards.

Console players have been very vocal on their issue and offered varied solutions.

PC players have been very vocal about their issue and again offered solutions.

Blizzard not only do nothing about these issues but quite frankly just avoid the topics altogether and never respond on forums be it here or on Reddit.

I find that disgusting...I understand both issues may be a challenge to sort and if it cost them development time and they were unwilling to do so again I understand.

But to say nothing, to communicate nothing to your customers and fan base is not professional, it is rude and a mockery of paying for a product that has fundamental issues.

I don't expect them to fix it tomorrow, or even in the next patch...but what I do expect is when I give a company my money for a product and there are issues that a lot of people have with it that they at least communicate to me how they feel about the issue and what they feel they can do about it.

To say nothing is, quite frankly, disgusting and time and time again software companies get away with it.

Not amused.
Agreed, the level of moded gear is now considered griefing, I mean they can completely ruin others gameplay not only by being an unwanted hacker but can completely ruin a legits players game through boosting their paragon levels forcing them to delete all of their progress, that to me is a BIG deal.

Come on blizzard at least say SOMETHING say ANYTHING blizzard please.
Guys, Blizzard doesn't care. Grimiku reads these threads and chooses not to reply, simply due to the fact that he would say the same thing over and over which would equate to vague statements about continuing thto discussion and some erroneous tips or thought about the game.

Just look at it this way, Activision-Blizzard is only interest in money. They can't turn Diablo into Call of Duty or WoW by shipping a new expac every year. They also can't make the MLG money like with Starcraft/Hearthstone/Overwatch. Kotick isn't about to spend money in a super under performing game franchise compared to the others.

And let's be clear, Blizzard = Kotick.
But compare that to the recent Batman Arkham Knight that was released by Rocksteady...

Had huge issues on PC, they pulled it from the shops, offered customers refunds and communicated every step of the way what was happening with their customers.

It took them a while to fix it on PC but the point is they communicated to their customers about the issue.

As I say, I don't expect Blizzard to fix it but having the decency to let their customers know how they feel the situation is...the forums are awash with "what is Blizzard" doing on consoles with modded gear and an open letter versus botting on PC...

It's because there is zero comment on it from Blizzard.

That is unacceptable as we are the paying customer.
I'll also add that I find the mods on here very pleasant to deal with and they do their job in an excellent spirit and manner.

The lack of communication on these subjects is not down to poor mods but rather that I'm pretty sure their hands are tied and been told not to reply to any threads on modded gear/botters.
The communication here in the forum is poor.

Even via E-Mail you can't get any viable Feedback.

3 issues i reported several times.

1) Report Spamming/Insulting users. Result no answer

2) Change of HF ingrendients. Result Mods changed wrong patchnotes

3) Reported major changes of shared XP weeks before Patch 2.3 landed. Result "We will talk about that issue and you will get feedback when we find a solution"
I'll never get an answer

Actually i stopped any correspondence with officials. It's not worth the energy, unfortunately
Yeah but AK isn't Activision-Blizzard, I'm sure Kotick laughs himself to sleep thinking that WB has to issue refunds. Batman games were almost on the same toilet paper sale business design as Kotick's, but they really dropped the ball this time. And there's always Bethesda with the same thing, reprinting games with the same engine and piles of bugs, but we are still looking forward to F4... You just can't get there with a Diablo game due to the power creep factor.
To be honest. They did try to fix it but they failed big time. Idk why they have not tired again.
BlizzCon is coming up soon. I REALLY hope someone gets to ask the panels during live stream about this.... seriously, what would be their answer ??
I see the new mod has been welcomed and his first post was to comment on the botting issue which is really interesting and they state they are actively talking about fighting it.

No mention of modding items on console though...
The shared experience and modded items issue has really killed D3 on the console for me. I've joined numerous D3 legit communities but its hard to find anyone playing. Even when I add people, they sometimes still have 10k paragon levels even though they were on the the legit players list. Only play with real life family and friends now.

Moving on to Fallout 4 and Battlefield, but don't hold our much hope for any changes now.
Do you really think they will change things now? After it's being going on for almost the life of the game on condole. Yes before ros some people did not like it. Since I was posting here then. I changed my bnet account name so my post did not link to the new one. but with ros it seems like more people got it on console. And they feel everyone must play the way they do. As long as saves are local very little can be done. They did try to stop them but failed.
Blizzard = Amateurs in the console market.
Developers with an attitude problem.
11/04/2015 01:59 PMPosted by Vydor
As long as saves are local very little can be done. They did try to stop them but failed.

Fully agree but that doesn't stop Blizzard communicating to their customers about the issue.

If they come out and say "we understand the problem and given the nature of the offline saves we cannot do anything or implement any new measures to the game to weed these items out therefore we suggest to back up your save regularly and play with trusted friends" then you would see a lot less posts on here.

The point I make is not about modded gear or botters in itself but the lack of communication about the issue.

To me it seems they have taken my money an simply are ignoring me afterwards to what is a big issue.

The fact they have now engaged in discussion on the forums with botting on the PC is interesting but it took an open letter from trusted well known PC D3 players to do this.

For instance, Jaetch stepped down as MVP from the wizard community because even though he loves the game the environment it is in, with botters, destroys the competitiveness of it.

It is the lack of communication that I find unprofessional from a company who sold me a product that has "issues" and lots of people who contact them ask about. It is not an isolated issue that affects just a few.

11/04/2015 01:59 PMPosted by Vydor
They did try to stop them but failed.

No they did not. They said prior to release of RoS on consoles that they were going to introduce measures to stop modded gear coming from modified lastgen saves but it is quite clear they never did...nothing is stopped in the import process...all modded gear comes across.

When we first realized this I posted on here asking for details as to what actually was implemented and they never responded...it is clear they said pre-launch that modded gear would not come across but they then failed to deliver that promise.

In effect, conning the guy who bought the game. Another example of bad communication from Blizzard.
Why is it I am reading about intended changes to items to prevent modding via patch 2.4 on OTHER sites rather than Blizzard's own form of communication to their customers????

Blizzard confirm here that they intend to cap the Gem of Ease to rank 100 to stop modders with rank 2 billion Gem of Eases boosting others up in levels.


But my whole point to this thread is the strange and poor way Blizzard communicate to us and this is a classic example, surely they should be posting this kind of detail here FIRST and then other sites link to it?

Yes they did. Patch 1.0.3 it did not work. But they did try to.
11/12/2015 12:10 PMPosted by Vydor
Yes they did. Patch 1.0.3 it did not work. But they did try to.

Yeah but not my point...my point is they are introducing a new feature in 2.4 and we read about it on another site where the info is most likely of interest to the vast majority who visit these forums.
11/12/2015 12:13 PMPosted by homerjnick
11/12/2015 12:10 PMPosted by Vydor
Yes they did. Patch 1.0.3 it did not work. But they did try to.

Yeah but not my point...my point is they are introducing a new feature in 2.4 and we read about it on another site where the info is most likely of interest to the vast majority who visit these forums.

It said they run. Meaning it's in place. Unless you can show where it says they are adding another check they are just capping the gem of ease. And here is a blue post from a old patch note

Diablo III console patch 1.0.3 is now live for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It implemented and activated cross-brand/cross-generation transfers for Ultimate Evil Edition. We also incorporated some measures to help reduce the impact, and hopefully the prevalence, of hacked items within the game.

So that is the check they talk about. The link that was posted is just about capping gem of ease.
Are you not understanding this?

My issue is I read about a change to the Gem of Ease cap ON ANOTHER SITE and not here.

It's not hard to understand mate.
You get used to it sooner or later. This dev team prefer facebook, tweeter or anthing else but not their official web site or forums.

Why - I have no idea, but it is flustrarting for me too. I do not want go to facebook or tweeter for whatever reason when there is official web site and forum for the game.

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