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So before anyone judges the title, This post is NOT designed to be a bash or scream fest between any of this games.

I have been playing Kings road on my phone and have recently been testing out POE to see the differences that make these games enticing to play. For Kings the game keeps players playing with numerous daily activities. I am not a fan of this too much because it makes me feel obligated to play the game. However I think it would be interesting if diablo had a competition based gameplay that kings road has. There is a lot of potential for diablo to have different forms of PVP competition that doesn't involve players needing to kill each other (though I do miss collecting ears). I think it would be interesting if there were some kind of (who can kill the most monsters,) or some version of completion play.

As for POE. While the customization of things seems nice I feel for Diablo it would not really fit in. There is one feature in this game that I thought would be interesting to implement into D3. The socketing of items allows for skill gems to be augmented by other gems. I think this would be a nice touch to add to diablo since legendary gems continue to grow and I expect in the future all gear will have an assortment of legendary gems. This would eventually make regular gems worthless. If we were to use legendary gems and augment them with regular gems then I think this would increase the usefulness of regular gems. Then we can have combinations and customizations.

For example.: Esoteric Alteration- Gain X% non-Physical damage reduction. While below half Life, your resistances to Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Arcane are increased by 75%.
Augmentation: 3 Diamonds increase bonus of resistance by 15%. Gem combo: Gain an elemental resistance shield = to 1000% your highest resistance.
Augmentation: 1 Ruby, 1 Diamond, 1 Emerald = 5% physical resistance, 5% elemental resistance, 5% Damage return. Gem Combo: Add 10% of your resistances as damage

And so on. What would make this really customizable is that each legendary gem would have various gem combinations and bonuses.

Poe is king of customization. Diablo 3 is king of gameplay/combat. If these two games could merge together some how I might not ever leave my pc chair.
Well that's the idea. I find POE pretty boring to play but the customization is intriguing in some areas.

Kings Road has some replay value but it is mostly through dailys. But I like the idea of having a different type of competition (other than rifts) that is more in the moment. Perhaps something like rift trials but for pvp purposes.
Poe doesnt care about balancing very much. What sounds as a problem is actualy its strength.
There are no fixed classes, its just a "beginner startup". You can then choose whatever passives and skills you want to use. So no matter what charackter you have, all are able to use certain builds.

Unfortunately Diablo cannot fit in because the charackters/classes wont allow such mixing.
I always was a fan of multiclassing. I also like multiclassing in D&D universe. There are several games where multiclassing works very well.

Also every skills benefit of new features and gems in Poe. So it doesnt matter alot which build you play. If a new strong gem will be implemented, most players can just use it.
I played POE for a while and it is mostly a trade simulator. I'm not bashing the game some people like that kind of game. I don't.

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