Bring back the Lord Commander

Lord Commander's Regalia

2 Set Bonus:
-Casting Phalanx will Create 2 Bodyguard Avatar's that last for 10 seconds.
Smite gains the effect of the Surge rune and slows all enemies hit by __%

4 Set Bonus:
--Standing on consecrated ground reduces the damage you take by __%.
Phalanx Avatars Cast consecration when you do.
Consecration cooldown is reduced to 10 seconds

6 Set Bonus:
-Damage done by Phalanx is increased by __%, smite is increased by __%, and bombardment by __%.
Lord commander is always upon a Steed, gaining __% movement speed when not in combat and allowing movement through enemies. Can cast Smite, Phalanx, Consecration, Bombardment, and Akarat's Champion while mounted. Casting another spell will dismount the commander for 10 seconds.

-Unrelenting Phalanx
-The Mortal Drama
-Golden Scourge
-Eternal Union
-Belt of the Trove
-Baleful Remnant
-Armor of the Kind Regent
I feel like Bonus 4 and 6 largely conflict with one another. Consecration is such a stationary ability and even involving Steed Charge is just begging for lots of movement. I feel like the fantasy is a mounted commander with soldiers at his disposal as he uses tactics to control the field. I think the set should just double down on Phalanx and Steed Charge. Something like:

Bonus 2: Steed Charge gains the effect of Endurance and you can now use skills during Steed Charge without being dismounted.

Bonus 4: You and your Phalanx soldiers do x% more damage against targets under the effect of Justice, Provoke, Shield Glare, or while standing in Consecration.

Bonus 6: You take x% less damage while Steed Charge is active. For every x yards you move while mounted, you summon a Phalanx soldier.

I do think that needs a bit of work to make sure it avoids being a "passive damage" build, but all in all, I would really like something that plays to this fantasy.
Great response! you're absolutely right, i just wanted to share an idea, perhaps spark some interest!
11/01/2015 09:48 AMPosted by Vision
Great response! you're absolutely right, i just wanted to share an idea, perhaps spark some interest!

Na, it's no biggie at all. I really like the idea and I've always wanted a build that focused on using Steed Charge almost 100% of the time.

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