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MONDAY 9 Nov there will be a TECH patch to PTR. They need players to please check it. Maybe this is another lag reduction test? Wed or Thurs the PTR patch is LIVE!!!!!!!

In a couple of minutes we start. (I will fix spelling and formatting later)

Reddit live stream is another source of info and has pictures of slides https://www.reddit.com/live/vu61fsd935jk/ (Thunderclaww and Menagese)

And I will also try to do so here as well.

*waits for stream to start* AND here we go!

Josh Mosqueira as announcer.
Content for the next weeks/months
-We want to talk about Legacy - community matters as well as your feedback. We wanted to do something different this year which is why we wanted to do the Inn where we can directly interact with the community.

-He is talking 2.3 and treasure goblins but especially the cube. Throwback to the concept of Horadric cube but with more features and a nod to a lost colleague.
-He addressed the audience and asks about who started playing Diablo games with D3...a few scattered cheers. Who started with D2? A few more cheers. Who started with D1.. lots of cheers!

Discussion on how patches have helped make released games better.
Review of D3 history from RMAH to Loot 2.0, to latest version.

-Matthew Berger talks about new creatures and new areas. 2 new areas and one new zone
-Eternal Woods near Sescheron. Royal Quarters that are part of Leoric's Manor. It will be the right side. HIGH density and a secret.

New Zone. Grayhollow Island with 7 new events with adventure mode storytelling and 16 new monsters.

-Quick monster tour with pics.Wasp nests.. nobody likes wasps guys!!

Focus on Bounties.. 175 new ones... *gulp*. Some use new zones
New: Bounty zones. 6 of them via small red portals
Play on cursed shrines. every time you click on a shrine bad things happen while mobs attack you. Win and get a bounty chest. Shamen who keep rezzing things are an example of what might happen.

More treasure goblins..but none were added. Some sort of burrower that runs and hides.

New systems with Wyatt

-Based on community feedback.
How do we handle feedback? It comes from many sources, email, forums, reddit, etc.
-Three categories of feedback -
1. Something we can't implement now or conflicts with another feature. Might be viable later though.
2. Great idea and something they want to just do and ship,
3. Looking at long term heath of the game the suggested feature does not end up fitting.

-Buff UI!! There is love for it. They know we need to see it.
-Focus is to try and categorize buffs by those we care the most about (see Q&A post on the front page where they talked about categories). They are going to do an awesome buff activation and duration indicator on each skill button. Looks good.

-We designed it from the ground up as multiplayer and we want multiplayer to be better but the gap is too big! We are going to look at that and make the disparity feel better.

Reduce health of mobs in solo, 2 and 3 player play. Shrinks gap between 4 player and the rest.
-XP gear. They don't like people feeling like walking shrines so will reduce effectiveness of bonus XP at lvl 70 by a LOT. Will increase XP across whole game to compensate. Bringing kill streak massacre bonus from console to PC.

-So how to make gold valuable again but optional so that those who are not gold rich don't feel left out but is compelling for those with lots.
-Empowered Rifts cost gold and result in a 4th roll to upgrade gems. Gold cost scales based on level of rift. Example GR 73 540M per run (subject to change).


-New recipe for the cube Something's despair. Sacrifice a Leg gem and reg gems +ancient item = ability to augment ancient items. Not sure I get what they are doing exactly.

Damage numbers on screen will be shortened display wise and high numbers will be orange so you can see them.

Quality of life

-INDICATOR FOR CUBED ITEMS!!! YAY it will do that!!! There will be an indicator in the tool tip that tells you if it is cubed or not.
-Death's breath now has new particle effects so you can see them more easily.
-Follower tooltip comparisons added.

New guy... Set Dungeons and such.

Rapidly listing new items at a rate I can't document.
-10 sets revived including Thorns of the Invoker up to 6 so it now works
-Shadow's Mantle set for DH for ninja fun
-Ack I think they just said my name... not good. They are addressing the NEED for sets. EDIT - Ok the rest of the forum posts confirmed...yes. they quoted me. VERY odd feeling. That said, so happy they realize sets are not everything.
-It seems they are going for a mixed set build in some way. Need to follow up on this and see what the other folks captured. EDIT; New Set bonus for Legacy of Nightmares that gives a huge buff to dmg for every Ancient Item you are wearing but only if you have no other set bonuses active. Also reduces dmg taken. Currently 800% dmg buff PER ancient item. Subject to change of course. (Thanks everyone who commented and captured that!)

-What are set dungeons? They are built around the powers of the 6 piece sets. Tome in Leoric's manor gives clues to locations. Objectives are based on gear. Each has unique challenges and locations. Solve the clue to find the dungeon and complete the dungeon. Pennant rewards. There are 24 of them and a set of AMAZING green leather wings for completing them all!

-Legendary rewards
-Cosmetic rewards
-Discussing the concept of Races as Conquests - race to 70 was bad. Focus on efficiency was bad because of what it did to gameplay choices. Sprinter where you finish an act in an hour they liked because it can encourage fun builds to make it happen.
-Want personal accomplishment to matter in Seasons even if not on the top of the boards.
-Want some Achievements that are unique to Seasons. This led to Seasons Journey that has rewards for all levels from casual to many hour players. Will continue.

We hate giving up chars!!! They are talking about it. Rebirth lets you take a current char and use it again in seasons but without gear or paragons. This should help with the need to create new characters every season.

Season 4 will end in late Dec but they will warn us 2 weeks ahead.

LONGER break between seasons this time. (go go forum input).

Season 5 will be 3 months long. They called it a magic number and it should be the set number for now on.
-5 conquests per season from now on and will rotate. Seasons Journey will also rotate a bit.
-Rewards for seasons being amped up with lots more cosmetics. Portraits and pets.
Wickerman pet for S5
Skull and bones pennant
Andarial wings sometime

NEW Season Exclusive Legs will be available when patch launches for everyone, including non-season players!!!

S5 specific you are guaranteed a full set of gear by completing the Seasons Journey. Each season gets a special set and that will rotate per Season. No need to hunt for all your set items now, you get handed them.


1 tab for everyone for gold. Must have Reaper of Souls to buy tab. Rest are Seasons based.
Season Journey lets you get a new tab. Up to 10 tabs.


Lag was asked but not answered yet. And here we go... no optimizations have been deployed yet but they will be in 2.4.

Questions - we don't have time for much more but are going to the Slaughtered Calf Inn so please join us.
That opening speech of Josh Mosqueira sure feels like huge time killer/filler.

Fingers crossed we'll get something awesome in upcoming times.
Thanks for doing this. Much appreciated.
We heard you liked Sand Wasps so we made you a wasp dispenser with unnerfed wasps!
11/06/2015 03:30 PMPosted by MissCheetah
60 new monsters.

16 new monsters, not 60, fyi
Also them new 175 bounties.
No expansion, no sequel, some new creature skins and buffering. That's what I've gotten so far.

I love bounties. Gotta catch them all.
oo they going to talk about the feed back.
3 minutes ago"Focused on a lot of feedback" /u/menagese
4 minutes agoAnd now Wyatt is up. /u/menagese

11/06/2015 03:30 PMPosted by MissCheetah
Focus on Bounties.. 175 new ones... *gulp* some use new zones
Bounty zones. 6 of them via small red portals

too bad that bounties are useless - rifts and Grifts give way more XP and loot.
unless they are buffing bounties somehow and add torment 11-20
Buff holder stacks up all the buffs vertically? That's terrible. I hope they let you move that to the far corner of the screen or something.
so nothing new. please don't call some rehashed bounties and maps that probably wont mater at all a content,please.
Dear lord, they are fixing the HP scaling.
I had thought they would never realize it.

But then they nerf bonus XP. Less choices. Uhm.
11/06/2015 03:51 PMPosted by Shadout
Dear lord, they are fixing the HP scaling.
I had thought they would never realize it.

I dont think playing solo on this game is everything it's cracked up to be, i personally think this is a poor decision. You like to play alone so bring everyone else down to your level and deconstruct all team efforts in the process? No bueno

11/06/2015 03:53 PMPosted by Shadout
11/06/2015 03:53 PMPosted by schwegs
You like to play alone so bring everyone else down to your level and deconstruct all team efforts in the process? No bueno

4-player is not changed at all.

I cant believe I have to spell this out, 4 player not changed, 1-3 players buffed, that means there is no longer any benefit at all to carrying anyone in any way, because i will mathematically now be better off solo unless i have the PERFECT group. RIP any decent match making pub games
Thanks Cheetah.

Sadly this D3 panel is as disappointing as Diablo being excluded from the opening ceremony.
11/06/2015 03:53 PMPosted by schwegs
You like to play alone so bring everyone else down to your level and deconstruct all team efforts in the process? No bueno

4-player is not changed at all.
a) The solo vs multiplayer "fix" is !@#$ing laughable. FAIL Blizzard.

b) The "Vault" is where people get their gold from? Jesus, does this guy even play the game?

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