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I'd love to play online with random people, but it seem the cheaters are rampant and with shared exp their cheating ruins the accounts of legit players.

Why not just separate the exp?

This is a huge issue. I have d3 on PC and you're so proactive but console seems to be on it's own no matter how many accounts are compromised.
Create a ticket with Customer Support and tell them you can't play random online games on console without hacking problems.

That's the only thing that will ever affect them because they could care less about the forums.

People have politely and impolitely asked them in dozens of threads to just do something, anything, to help the legit players out with grouping in public games. Everything from simple item filters to remove hacks, vote kick, changing their import process, online option, seasons, and now your exp split suggestion. There have been so many suggestions I can't remember them all.

They could even just have a simple check box in the menu options to disable experience gain. Then you can group with anyone and not worry about winding up at paragon 2,000 in 5 minutes. You disable exp gain when you do public and enable it again when you group with friends or other legits. There are so many options they could add.

They've even been politely asked to just comment on the situation like "Yeah guys, our import process was a technical disaster but we're not fixing it", or "Yeah guys, our import process intentionally lets in hacked gear to the new consoles so Diablo 3 can have the notoriety of being the only PS4 game on the market with rampant hacking".

And to this day, not a single, solitary reply from Blizzard. Not one. That's how much they care about the legit gamer on console.

They also put too much stock on their business intelligence data which is probably showing that almost everyone on console has boosted paragon and some kind of hacked gear, no matter how minor. Even if you're legit, it just takes one grouping mistake or one picked up item to get affected by hacking.

Blizzard looks at all this data showing everyone having boosted paragon or hacked gear and probably makes the absurd assumption that everyone just loves boosted paragon and hacked gear even though much of it was inflicted on players that weren't aware of what they were getting into.

All in all, it's just a disaster if you enjoy public games and meeting people.
I agree with you. I have had to delete my save data three times, because players with modded gear have leveled me up from paragon 100 to 5000 in just a few seconds. I mean, what's the point if you're gonna get cheated out of your game? Blizzard really needs to do something about this, they could lose out on a lot of support from fans, they should really take this matter into consideration. yet, it seems that they view the console versions as a separate community, as if though, "sony needs to handle this situation..." I don't know man, maybe I'm just talking out my !@#. but, as a fan, I really enjoy the console version. don't get me wrong, I prefer the original pc version, but I also enjoy playing it on the ps4. console players have no idea how good they have it. for example, a lot of the items that are only achievable playing season on pc, are on the console versions and can be accumulated by just playing the game, campaign or adventure mode. but back to the matter at hand. yeah, Blizzard really needs to look into this modded gear stuff and clean it up, for the sake of the fans and for publicity
Console players have no idea...

Erm... SOME console players have no idea. Not all of us are... ignorant.

Anyway. Agree with the main point that xp should not be shared. That would go a long way. I particularly like the idea of being able to "twink" or stop gaining xp as an option.
Is there anyway to remove modded paragon levels - just had a random join me and now my paragon has reached 1000
Don't play random games. Make friends and play with those you trust. Far as how to reset your game. You will need to delete save file. I would suggest that any gear you have you either A give to a trusted friend who will give it back. Or make a new account and send it.

Now far as removing the shared exp. I do not agree with it. I find the issue is you should be playing with trusted friends. Exp gains get slow when you are over 1k paragon. It's a good system in my honest opinion. You need to be paying attention who you are playing with.
Don't play random games. You need to be paying attention who you are playing with.

I post mostly on PC General but I check in on console once in a while. Anyway, since you're a legit player kudos for that, but think about this -

Console sold at least a million copies, look at the views that the threads have on the forums. Take a look at them. The highest # of views for a thread I see is under 15,000. Let's be ultra-generous and say that 50,000 people look at the forums.

That means you've got 950,000+ people never looking at forums and 50,000 (being very generous) looking at forums. 95+% of the players don't even know there's such a thing as a legit list and have no clue about boosted paragon or any of the threads on the forums.

New players go to the store, buy the console game, play online co-op and drop right into a hacked game, get boosted paragon etc, and that's how it goes.

If you're actually for legit play and having more legit players, it doesn't make sense to want the vast majority of players dropping into hacked games and being completely unaware of the hacking problem. Cheaters/hackers tend to play for much shorter amounts of time and don't tend to form a more cohesive community on the forums and in the game.

I'm not saying separate exp as suggested by OP is the way to go, but the current system is not a good system, it's a disaster for legit play. Random public games are a VERY important part of building up a community, especially for new players.
BlizzCon soon guys, really hope someone will ask the devs about this. It´s like a plague, that blizzard is doing nothing about.
11/03/2015 06:24 AMPosted by Bytemare
BlizzCon soon guys, really hope someone will ask the devs about this. It´s like a plague, that blizzard is doing nothing about.

Are u mad? They'll have all the questions screened beforehand
Here's an example of what might be asked
"Do u have plans to add more Super Cool items like the signet ring?"
Or something equally dense & useless
"Will consoles continue to get updates?"

Blizz don't give a toss about consoles. Good luck to them trying to shift overwatch on consoles. Fool me once blizzard......
Just play with people you trust, why ruin experience farming for everyone just because you are lazy to find people to play with.Its a pain to farm paragons solo, with shared experience trough group life became much simpler, hackers were there before shared exp so you were playing with them then or what, that all of a sudden they are big problem?

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