Thornsader Reporting for Brawling

Hoping this works....
Red 2, standing by.
Red Leader: “All wings check in.”
Red 3: “Red 3 standing by.”
Red 6: “Red 6 standing by.”
Luke Skywalker: “Red 5 standing by”
Red Buttons: “Red Buttons standing by.”
Redd Foxx: “Redd Foxx standing by.”
Big Red: “Big Red standing by.”
"Red October shtanding by."
"Red Cross Standing By"
omg these forums

"Code Red standing by"
Panama Red standing[against a wall] by
"Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Standing By"
'Red Dead Redemption' standing by
Red Baron zdanding by
Why would a sader with thorns be reported? How is that against the tos? And the thorns ripping players?
Red Rider Standing By
I know not what i unleashed, lol
Actually- I'm kinda hungry.

Red vines standing by.
wtf you talking about?

should be Red 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Yellow 4 and Pink 5. There's no such thing as Red 6, or Red 2, or Red 3. :D
I was on, hoping to brawl with you sader. You never showed up...
"Red Rocket" standing by....
Little Red Riding Hood standing by
Red Dawn (1984 version) standing by
Red hot Chili Peppers Standing by

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