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The cover is lilith and inarius. these are very important characters we know nearly nothing about, other then what books told us. blacksoul stone was shattered . diablo was set free. however blacksoul stone is different then any other soul stone.it created a portal many different portals in time. now we don't even know were and when diablo will be reborn.

player now has ability to decide the fate of all neptham now can rewrite history even safe a dear friend from unworthy fate.

this expansion is about revisiting roots .these portals pop up all over act1-5 you search for these portals as if you would do bounties in adventure mood, each portal take you too final dungeon in were you battled the heros of the past battled demon lords.

too decide fate of many save your friend prevent so many evil things happened. rewrite history change the fate of the neptham your friends tristam. the world stone everything. cain didnt have die laih didnt have become diablo. worldstone didnt have be destroyed by baal, so many different events

Classic Bosses/Classic Dungeons Remade and Revisted

Arch bishop Lazises

You Fight all four of them all together in this act. they are more powerful then when you fought them before.

Act 7

Act 8

Either lilith and inarius

2 New Companions

1 new class
Is this info real?
I think he's high.
this is suggestion

think about it maybe this what mathrial wanted, in the end be defeated have soulstone explode.. send the create so many time rifts, to go on a quest right the wrongs that have been inflicted. this would be epic

they already did something like this in warlords. they could easily do something were we fight in different times line re fight bosses we know and love in that were in d2 now in d3 but at there strongiest
I can imagine Baal and Mephisto riding my little ponies, while they give orders to their care bear legion.

I can just imagine the care bears being ordered around, while they in turn order their daisies into battle.

While Kormac is one of your followers:

"By all that is holy, will you look at those two !@#$%^-s, they are going to kill my *!@#$in care bears!"
I thought Doctor Who going to make a crossover. lol.
Important story-line characters:

Rory williams
River Song
Amy Pond
Clara oswald
Rose Tyler



Story-line SPOILER:

Deckard Cain regenerates as a younger version of himself and is voice acted by David Tennant.


The Master


I would be ok with a "back to the roots" if it was a new game. For the current game they could add thematic dungeons or something like that, in which we fight the old bosses. As for the lords of hell, they went free after Malthael's death, so, we may see all of them again in the next expansion.

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