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Create a graphics options in Diablo 3 that toggles a darker version, similar to what DarkD3 did, without actually having to use a grey-area third-party tool to do so.

Diablo 3's graphics look much too "bright" for a gothic ARPG.

Devs, can you put this on 2.4 please.
Turn down gamma. Problem solved.
D3 atmosphere is kinda soft when compared to D2, I think it also has alot to do with the soundtrack which is not as memorable. I didn't play D2 before 2007, but even without the nostalgic side to it the music made my fur stand straight. Very noticable difference. But I guess a soft universe is more appealing to most people than an edgy, hard one. I wish it wasn't, though.
Download DarkD3, I;m using it since Vanilla :) "Stronger" option looks the best :)
Funny that I should come across this post at this time.

In fact, i just adjusted my gamma setting to make D3 brighter as I found that I am having difficulty playing properly and more responsively due to the poor light radius. For me, this gameplay issue is more important than the gothic ambience this poor light radius provides.
"Dark" is for me a reference to the artstyle, its not so much about poor light radius and not being able to see. Its just that what you see and hear is more indistinct, blurred out, and consumer friendly in D3.

DarkD3 sounds interesting, gonna check it out. But i´m on Macintosh, so i suspect...
+ all of these random lightnings that almost blind me every time...

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