[2.4] Static Charge 180% to 50%...30%...40%!

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"Play your way" they said...
They just forgot to tell us that they'll nerf your way to Play next season.

So much time finding items and optimizing ANNNNNNNND... IT'S GONE in the next season.
Looks like I'm doing melee dh next patch and I mostly play monk :(
Blizz was PO'ed someone came up with a viable build that didn't rely on a 6pc set bonus. It's fate was sealed long ago.
11/26/2015 01:47 PMPosted by v1ktor
What bunch of c@?%s work at Blizz.
Wow, a character has been created that has useful skills as solo and degrees of synergy for groups.
A character that should set the lead for all classes to follow.
F@?k that.
Let's nerf the group synergy even though we sell this as a multiplayer game.
And because we are such a heads up the !@#$, backward thinking group we'll nerf the solo too.
Back to the dark ages.

yeah, the monks this season is a benchmark for all the other classes

they should have not messed with it and just buff the other classes so that they have the same type of synergy
11/24/2015 03:47 PMPosted by Davlok
Looks like we are going to rely on Water Ally's Waves in 2.4! ^_^;

They should add fish and piranha on those waves! Freaking blizzard, nerfing every build I have left.
11/25/2015 02:04 PMPosted by Bumblebee
SC was a build that kinda came out of nowhere. Some Chinese guy suddenly realized a completely discarded skill had potential, worked on it and the popularity of it just blew up.
Isn't this the definitive PERFECT example of what this game SHOULD be about and what Blizz has said several times before what they hoped it to be about?
People discovering new exciting builds out of the unknown should be the name of the game should it not? Instead, Blizz is completely confused about what it wants to accomplish - nerfing discovered builds and pushing power-creeped packaged builds down everyone's throats, then promptly nerfing them when they inevitably become the best meta because that's the ONLY build allowed...

My thought exactly. Like once the bell monk was in power, they nerfed it, EP, they nerfed it. In short, the devs hated monks. I think they want us to play wiz again. Since CM nerfed, I haven't run my wiz, maybe time to put my make up on!
I had no idea that D3 was going to be the way it's been since it's release . I thought as time went on different gear and set's would be developed and worked on so most of them would become usable and players would be able to pick and choose builds and change to different builds if they get bored with one.

I thought that as new gear and sets came to us the others would remain viable and we would have so much diversity as time went on that no one would have a reason to be upset because new gear and set's would come our way but yet we could play the other older builds as well .

I thought this game was going to be great with massive gear varieties , that would be viable , so players would never get bored with this game . I had no idea we would be limited to a build or two for each class at every patch and have to start the grind over and over to gear up for the next increment .

Then , because of lack of stash space we are forced to liquidate items that become viable later and then guess what ??? Gee , the builds that are viable now require me to have the gear I have liquidated a while ago because I couldn't store all this loot ! Dammit , now I have to start from scratch again .

I'm not against nerfing something down some if it's obviously over powered , but for the dev's to just go in and destroy builds because they want us all to use something new they create , which by the way may not be even close to anything as good as we are currently using and that we as players like to play is the wrong way to go about it , and it sends us a bad message IMO. And it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth as to where this game is going.

I thought as time went on , going on 4th year now , this game would have so many different ways we could create our builds but I was wrong . Instead of all the diversity we could of had , had many of the set's and gear remained usable , it's just the same O' same O' thing of new set's and gear coming at patch time that will become unusable the next time around.

I am really disappointed at this game now , and with all the mistakes I feel that the dev's are doing with this game I still rode it out hoping they would see how important build diversity is to their player base. But it's still the same , nothing has changed in that aspect . Still no diversity with everyone doing the same thing for progression.

I thought this game was going to grow into something awesome with so many ways to play it , but boy was I wrong . Instead it's soooo limited as to how the players can play the game . I thought after 3 years it was going to be a totally awesome experience.

This game is good and has so much potential to be one of the best . But I am personally very disappointed in the way it has progressed ,,, or should I say Not progressed , especially in the most important aspects , in three years time.
11/25/2015 10:29 AMPosted by Haybaler
11/25/2015 03:58 AMPosted by Davlok
Issue being Static Charge is the best/only (?) skill we have that scales with density so well, so hopefully they reset the PTR leaderboard and see where monks stand, because I really didn't want to play R2+I6 or plain I6 zodiac ally spam as they are now on 2.4 PTR >_>

Also confirmed the 50% on PTR even though the tooltip hasn't been updated from 180% (hotfix)

Well this sucks , and you know what else sucks ??? I saw a thread where the devs actually thanked Davlok for all the testing and in depth help he gave others on Monks and then now after all the hard work ironing out everything , the devs turn around and nerf things down to total weakness. Does this make sense ? It seems that every time players in the community get to where they're becoming happy with their characters and builds they have worked so hard on , the devs turn around and ruin em' . I don't understand why they do it. I see this pattern at the end of each season and I personally am very frustrated with the way they are doing things.


You know what? I think you post alone above deserves a separate thread. Please do that, maybe both here and at PTR feedback. You just hit all the points about what I am feeling now.
RIP Monk in general, was fun while it lasted.
11/30/2015 08:45 AMPosted by Flimsy
You know what? I think you post alone above deserves a separate thread. Please do that, maybe both here and at PTR feedback. You just hit all the points about what I am feeling now.

Well , thanks for the comment !

And BTW , I did create a thread in the General forums about this issue :


I mean no harm to the dev's or anyone by all of my comments on this thread , I am simply trying to let the dev's know about how all this nerfing at every patch is pissing off the player base . It's been three years now and you know what ? I'm thinking about all the diversity we would have right now if the dev's would have kept all of the set creations that they made to run effectively , I'm not talking about effectively in just T10 and general Rift's which most anyone can do without too much effort. I'm talking about effective set's in Greater Rift's.

This community would be rocking while sporting their choice's of set's and gear having a bit of a sense of being unique in their builds instead of everyone sporting the exact same thing patch after patch , which really makes the whole experience turn boring in no time. Bringing back the sets which were nerfed would tremendously address the issue of players characters being kicked out of GR's because of it's uselessness in Group Play .

You dev's make these awesome set's and all initially , but then turn around and make a lot of em' useless when the next patch comes around.. Why even make em' if you don't intend to keep em' going ? I don't understand the reasoning behind this at all. ,,,, no , no , nada !!!

Many of our fellow players have fears of even joining GR groups knowing they will be kicked off because they don't have a class that can keep up with the groups. And many of these characters at one time had what it took to play these games but it was taken away from a prior patch that rendered them totally useless. This surely can't make players feel very good in group play , when they can't show their stuff while playing a class they love because of it being destroyed , and with a 99.9% chance they'll be kicked .

I'm not against toning some things down if it's clearly over powered and all , but to jump to extremes and just totally destroy the gear which makes our builds effective is just plain dumb IMO. Believe me , you dev's do not have to force the new stuff upon us , it will be tried and tested as the creative players here are always into trying the new creations . Just let us have the freedom to use the other stuff too if we prefer to to use it.

In summary , I would like to ask that the dev's fix the sets for all classes and make them all work the way they once did and by all means , keep on creating more for us ! You dev's are brilliant in your creativity , but to turn around and ruin it all is totally senseless in my books . I don't think I am wrong on my thinking on this issue as I see it all over the forums how nerfing to oblivion is effecting the players in a very negative way .

To the players on these forums , don't be afraid to speak your minds , that's what the forums are for . If we want to see changes , we need to speak out as to how we feel .

Regards , Haybaler .
I don't comment often, well, hardly ever but this move by the developers is totally irrational. I seriously doubt it would have happened with the D2 development team...but that was then and this is the stuff we have to deal with. Almost like there are too many Napoleans on Bliz's team now and it seems like they're determined to ruin what Blizzard used to be. And you can see their true attitude when folks do try to think outside the box or make suggestions to improve the game.

This was my 1st serious Monk ... soloed GR 50 for the 1st time [everyone say WOW] and when I get into public games, I don't feel like I'm being obnoxious like some Barbs with their whirlwinds or irritating like the Witch Doctors with their stupid chicken, and I can say that because I'm guilty of that play style ... or at least until I ran into them in public games. I didn't do the SC monk because I'm having too much fun with the EP/SSS monk. Definitely not over powered by any means but I can do some damage and stay alive so I'm enjoying it ... while I can. I've played every other toon and aside from the nerfed M6 DH or the nuke WD, this was one character that I really wanted to explore. There are too many other things that Bliz should be concentrating on like, oh, I dunno ... LAG! ... but that might take a certain level of expertise. I'm so over this crap!
Just keeps on getting worse
SC down to 30%
Dead and now trampled on. Time to find something else to use....
what? 30%?
Devs, just delete the skill.
Lol Davlok the title change made me laugh. :) Good one!
wow, why cant blizzard just make other generators be as much fun, engaging and do similar damage as SC. what most monks really want is to punch stuff with generator and still do some damage.

maybe one direction could be

other classes get items/weapons to premote using these primary type skills, carnevil docs being the one that springs to mind most as they get a helm and a weapon, but I know there are loads of items for other classes. I cant think of one monk item/weapon that buffs or adds anything to make other generators be fun and engaging like SC used to be.
12/02/2015 06:25 AMPosted by Oaxaca
what? 30%?
Devs, just delete the skill.

Wow , what a slap in the face , Totally Unbelievable ! Especially if it goes live .

It looks like the dev's are pretty much letting us know " This is our game and we are in full control , and there's nothing you can do about it ". Totally rude in the way they are handling things IMO . Are these dev's adults ???

I guess this is their way of slamming us for speaking up about the nerf's .

Whatever , this crap is getting very old .

wow there goes our SC...... Down the drain... then get flushed some more lol.
Dev like saying skill combos not encouraged.
12/02/2015 10:31 PMPosted by dXter
Dev like saying skill combos not encouraged.

What we have Combination Strike passive for then? Another useless skill...

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