What is the average age of Diablo 3 players?

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23 here

I started D1 from 10 years old, then moved to D2 until D3 came out. I grew up playing this game and I love it.
62 started back when D1 first came out.
36. played d1-d3

still play d3 more than most of my other games. even though they need to hire me to fix it for them.
44 here.
4 kids --> 18, 16, 15, 13.
Oldest two play D3 with me. 15 year old is hooked on League of Legends. (gosh that game sucks) and the 13 year old loves minecraft. I have a young architect in the house.

Can only play in the evenings... like 10 to 11 or so. Too much stuff to do with a busy family.

Love D1 and D2. Played D1 in university. That as a long time ago... holy cow.
I am 87 and I play when it is raining and I can't work in my garden
09/22/2017 04:42 PMPosted by Agapetes
I am 87 and I play when it is raining and I can't work in my garden
I'm 33 with a wife and nine-year-old son. I've been playing Diablo for 20 years now.

I played D2 with my son a bit, but he's more excited about his Lego games, which is cool. Hopefully Blizzard will come out with a D2 remaster soon so I can reintroduce it to him and have some hack 'n' slash fun. :)
42, wife, no kids.

Grew up playing Diablo D1 back on Playstation. Got D2 on PC in the 90's. Got D3 about 6 months after it hit the market. RoS about 3 months after it dropped.

Been playing diablo for over 20 years.

By the way, the Diablo series is the only game I've ever really played. I mean, I messed around with the Original Mario Brother's back in the day. Had a Calicovision with Donkey Kong and stuff like that way back when but hell, I was only a pre-teen back then and was more interested in cartoons than video games.
42 here. And gonna play games till i die.
31, soon to be 32. Got pulled in shortly after the launch of D1. love the game franchise and always will. I got my Tyrael Tattoo about 3 years ago and plan to get the 3 versions of Diablo(1,2, and 3) tattooed in the next couple years. It's more than a hobby for me, it's a passion... :)
09/15/2017 10:20 AMPosted by Hurley
30 with a wife and have no problem finding game time

Ya wait till you spawn a strumf or two
29. EDIT: Wrong! I'm 28 until December. I feel I got one year back as I realized that.
09/22/2017 04:42 PMPosted by Agapetes
I am 87 and I play when it is raining and I can't work in my garden

Story of my life.
spritly 60
28 . Started playing D2 around 2002/2003
I'm 29 but I work about 50-70 hours per week.

No kids or wife.

This is pretty much my only break from work, where i'm breaking my back sorting mail. :P
27. Feel young after reading this post lol. Guess I shouldn't be surprised though Diablo 1 & 2 were extremely popular. I remember picking up D2 in 7th grade, but I think the expansion was already out.
43 here and playing since D1 ^^
33 here.

Started with D1 back in 1996...
I think people who are old and play D3 are the best! Hats off to you people. Keep playing! BTW I'm 17 and I played D2 when I was 10-11ish I guess hahaha

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