What is the average age of Diablo 3 players?

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20 years old. Surprised how few youngster's there are like me in here. But I guess it's because I was raised with gaming at a young age, and didn't get into drugs or any of the other crap folks my age in Canada do. Infact...I am not even sure what other people my age do. But I find it's always so rare to meet folks my age any more. Prob has something to do with money.
I know a lot of folks won't believe my age after reading some of my posts, sorry I tend to have a temper. When I try to explain something and it seems ( to me anyway ) that the other person can't understand what I'm trying to say I get a little peeved ! Anyway I'm 60, been playing since D1, started gaming with UO, then went to WOW and Diablo 2, 3 ................. besides watching certain shows on tv and movies gaming is my release and entertainment. I'm disabled so can play when I want, although during S2 I barely played.
Older than the developers.
30 years of age, doctor of pharmacy & B.S. biomedical engineer; have a 27 yr old gf that plays D3 with me as well.. She's pretty good too.. we had top monk/monk title in 2.2, but we quit playing a few months ago due to insane Botting and lack of end game content... just both burnt out I guess...
57 and still grinding like I'm 56. No, not really I used to play 12 hours a day. The fire has dimmed a bit. Now get off my lawn!
Turning 58 in a couple of months. Caught the PC gaming bug first time I saw DOOM on a colleague's new computer back around '93 - '94. Have a decent collection of PC games, and discovered Diablo 1 within a year of its release, and then once I got D2 and D2: LoD, it was all over. I quit smoking way easier than I could quit the Diablo franchise. Just gotta find that gear! Gotta level ever higher and faster! Nothing beats hearing that "CHING!!" sound followed by the anticipation that it might be that godly, "ancient" version of that gear that will finally get you beyond that level you've plateaued at for weeks.

Blizz knows what they're doing. It's the same thing that keeps millions flocking to Vegas every year. It's the gambling bug. Only this is better because the fun lasts for several years instead of just a night or two.

I do miss the ability to trade, though. Hey, OP, thanks for this thread! Knowing there's a bunch of other geezers out there wasting the hours away on a computer game does wonders for my self-esteem. Is there a geezer clan? I'd consider joining one, but I do tend to leave games suddenly when it's time for my nap. :^P
willing to guess the average person is between 13-16 years old just like in wow, most people are little kids.
47 here:)
24, no wife
26, about 10-15 kids somewhere. gf depends on the day of the wk, gets sick of 'em too fast.
I wonder how old DeadRu is...
33 here and no wife, gf or kids

Very refreshing to see guys in 40s and 50 still play games .

In my place they spit on your face , if you are older than 10 and still play any videos games. I have been brought up in a very intolerant environment of miserable money-minded cowards with a very narrowminded attitude to life

Sometimes i wish i hadnt been born here
57 and still grinding like I'm 56.

Now get off my lawn!

42 and happily divorced :)

Started with C64 as a kid.
Played a lot of my Ultima Online (omg that pvp was so much fun!) and Everquest too.
12/11/2015 10:24 PMPosted by clueso
I wonder how old DeadRu is...

Lol don't worry, you won't see any of the usual trolls post in here, they don't have the guts.

Back on topic, turning 31 in early March.
Anyone can be a troll, but usually younger people are because they're uneducated. "According to a fairly recent study the average age of gamers overall is 35." and for this game being 17/18 yrs old at least for this game makes it so the average higher, but doesn't stop from younger people playing the game. For the majority of people an increase in age means an increase in maturity, and for this particular game it's not directed to younger people. Also playing violent games doesn't change anything, I played GTA lll when I was 3 years old. Also people don't bring subjects like Hitler, or things like that totally off topic to a related subject to a game because it's not the place to do it.
12/11/2015 07:03 PMPosted by Twentysixtwo
willing to guess the average person is between 13-16 years old just like in wow, most people are little kids.
13-16 is not kids, it's teenager, kids is like 8-12, little kids are like 5-7, and babies are 0-4 or around their. and for saying average in a game which says to be older than 17 or 18 is quite smart ^^
36 here, family guy, Orthopod resident. Only play casually now, as compared to when I was single and a medical student/no life in the good old D2: LoD days :)
I'm 33. I thought I'm one of the oldest here. XD

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