What is the average age of Diablo 3 players?

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12/13/2015 12:52 AMPosted by Daimos
I'm 33. I thought I'm one of the oldest here. XD

I'm the youngest if everyone is honest here.
A question to all those with families and who game mostly weekends

How difficult it is for you to find time for gaming ?
How do your wives react to your habit ?

In my place, they view gamer as addicts and addiction is compared to other addictions like alcohol,drugs etc
32, with a gamer wife, no kids, no pets, & 403b. I, uh... I have time.

My wife and I have 5 kids, 9 grandkids. Youngest grandkid is 14 now. A couple of the oldest play D3 with me on occasion. But not as much as they used to because of college courses, work and girlfriend, so I enjoy the time I do get
26 over here.
26 here. Single. B+ blood typ... Too much information for the internet? Eh. Whatever.
Is anybody tallying this? This is a good reverence for forum-goers, but I'm not so sure how many players religiously use the forums.
12/13/2015 02:18 PMPosted by SteelPhoenix
B+ blood typ.

Not very common actually. *takes notes*

12/13/2015 02:18 PMPosted by SteelPhoenix
but I'm not so sure how many players religiously use the forums.

Very very few statistically. Most players simply play the game. Reddit and other more diverse sites tend to get more traffic because players are there for a diverse range of interests.
48 here, married with two kids in teens. Started off playing green wireframe games on the Amstrad PCW (go google that!), then Atari ST. Stopped (or intermittently played) in early-20s. Picked up gaming again when the Playstation Portable was launched as it gave me the chance to game when commuting.
36 with a wife. Full time job Gaming since Atari ping-pong and I'm gaming til I die baby!
I guess I could stop giving stats and such and actually participate...maybe?

I am usually pretty focused on trying to give posters answers. Hence my age is the answer. Some of you will get that. Now if only I knew the question.

Household is quiet with just the adult cat and two kittens, who are rapidly becoming adult cats. I started gaming and programming on Commodore Vic20 back in the early 80s. Never had a console and we did not have a family PC until I was in college (Mac). I did not get back into PC gaming until D2 which I was WAY too addicted to. I got up at midnight to play because I could get 28.8 on my dial up then... Still playing Diablo and other games many years later between other things. I find RL responsibilities take priority though which is, I suppose, a reality of adulting :)
54 male single father raising an 11 year old special needs boy alone.
12/13/2015 06:43 PMPosted by Kydyr
54 male single father raising an 11 year old special needs boy alone.

I am sending positive thoughts your way. I know he is amazing and you love him unconditionally but that does not make it easy. Please be sure to seek out local and internet support networks to help with resources for the little one and for you!

Also, thank you for sharing :) Glad games can give you a bit of "you" time to just have fun.
18 years old.

Senior year in high school, my Dad got me to try D3 after all the fascinating stories he told of D2. Been playing D3 since Vanilla, glad to see the game change so much and have devs care about the game.
29, married with two kids (3 and 1) and my husband plays too.
I thought I'd be the oldest but IronFist58 got me by one, I'm 60. Didn't play D3 until ROS came out but have been playing since Pong in the 70's. Had a Atari 2600 that I spent many, many hours on. :-)

Now I game on a 70" TV and a X1 but have played to 400 para on PC also until my right arm blew up. So it's back to the 720 para X1 characters.

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