A year from now do you think you will be playing D3?

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If extra Stash season only, No.

If you can earn Stash in NS, yes.

If you want to force people to play the mode they dont like, I will go to POE while wait for Lost Ark

Lost Ark wont make the mistake of " No Endgame"
Watch out, he sounds serious.
Yes I will be playing. Stash space is not an issue and only the ignorant don't understand why Blizzard is doing it the way they are doing it.
12/08/2015 08:17 AMPosted by PAPES
Watch out, he sounds serious.

Says the guy with one level 70 on his account.
Yes, I can see myself still playing off and on whenever the mood strikes a year from now. Despite the powercreep going on I've been enjoying where the game has come in comparison to Vanilla.

Now they just need to make sets that have far more interesting abilities than just crazy damage boosts. They have legendaries will all kinds of neat abilities. now lets see sets!
12/08/2015 08:10 AMPosted by comma
I will go to POE while wait for Lost Ark

I wish you would, sooner rather than later.
No. Too many awesome games coming out.
12/08/2015 08:44 AMPosted by rated
No. Too many awesome games coming out.

This agreed
i will probably not be playing it in a year. Even with new content from patches it just is losing its appeal.
I played D1 until D2 came out. I played D2 til D3 came out. I will be playing D3 til D4 comes out.

Diablo til death, my friend.

I play mostly solo, at my own pace, with my own goals, so most of the things people whinge about have no bearing whatsoever on my game experience.

Play it your way.
probably not... the game has returned to season 1 sets (Raekor, Firebird, etc.)

It means we`ve gone through a full cycle. Last patch was an improvement, this patch is looking pretty bad in terms of set design.
Playing since the beginning, don't see that changing.
This game will be officially dead by the end of season 5. Calling it now.
Why are you playing now? Stash space hasn't increased in over a year.

PoE is still there, why are you not playing that now?

50/50 for me. I play each patch for ~2 months and then quit. Will there be a patch next Oct/Nov?
Probably. I usually play for a couple weeks upon new patches to see what they came up with. Try new combos...then fade away due to boredom. Running GRifts is way too tedious to last more than a couple weeks for me.
If the game continues the road of the past 2 years (number creep, no build diversity, no longevity)... definately not going to play it....

stash space is the least of RoS problems....
Imma play ESO and win me $1,000,000.00 woo hooo

Where is your main acct OP....I wanna see it!

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