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Hey Blizzard. Been playing since day 1. Love the game and the way its evolved over the last few years.

I think one problem we are all having is joining public GR games. It typically takes 5 or so re-joins to find the correct team willing to do the same level of GR.

I would suggest making further game creation and joining options to solve this issue. Since a majority of public GRs are between 50-70, maybe the categories should be as follows:


Place the restriction where you have to complete the highest level of that category to progress. So you cannot join games in 60-65 category until you beat a 59.

Not a major change. Just a simple quality of life change allowing for easier and more sensible public match making. Thanks!!
Yes it does in a major way.
I agree that this would help a lot. As long as you didn't get a leecher in the game. There would still be some leechers though because people could complete a higher Grift on another character and now want to gear up a new/weaker one.

But still would be better over the current implementation which pretty much makes it impossible to get decent Grifts going in pugs.

So painfull to leave and rejoint game untill we find a good game. sometime friend arent connected and play whit the public is fun, but it take a long time to find a right game. some minor change need it here :)
Don't forget that you can join the GR communities and find players that want to grind the same GR as you.

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