Kanais cube items disapear

Bug Report
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Hello, i had almost all the power of the legendary extracted, now i log in and all are gone, some suggestions ???
I am missing almost all of mine also
I also miss nearly all of them atm :/
I´m also missing almost all of my extractede items in kanais cube!
same problem :(
Ditto, seasons seems to be working fine. Normal is jacked. Even the items I currently have equipped are not listed in the cube anymore.
same here, were there about 20 mins ago, now almost all are gone, including the one it says I have equipped
good to see new patches are being properly vetted lmao
This just happened to me too. What is the fix action?
me too !!!! :_( , i don't have anyone in my cube :_( !!!!!!!!!
I got this problem at season only. So waiting for bluepost.
I am also having this issue with my seasonal. I went to learn two that I did not yet have and discovered EVERYTHING was missing but some random ones from my monk and the two I just put in.

Its really getting frustrating that things keep just disappearing randomly. First it was items stored in my stash. Now its this. It's really getting quite obnoxious.
Its the first time for me to have such a problem in this game. Will blizz restore the missing items?
same here. my items arent refunded, no where to be found.
same here
screenshot http://i.imgur.com/FrLoUa2.jpg
same here
same goes for me, blues where are you!
Same thing going on with me for my seasonal characters. Non-season characters are good. Glad I am not the only one :Þ
same here,my dear Furnace is GONE!
I accidentally clicked a different power now I can't even select it anymore. I had just gotten Flow of Eternity.

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