Make Diablo3 like Monopoly -.-

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Awesome idea guys, imagine u gonna have D3 like Monopoly and conquer new house and parks of Tristam to build ur aweome castle!! imagine to revive Cain on all that jazzz. would be a much more more fun to think about it!! and i can assure you, would be MUCH MORE FUN THAN NOW :DDD

D3: no trade, no itemization, no build diversity, no rewards for you hundreds of hours farming, every patch u waste everything, u got billions and billions of damage and i think. whats the point of torment level??? LOL make it just for the GRIFT.. and when everyone will reach GR100??? BOOM SHAKA LACKA -- Diablo 3 will be R.I.P.

Cant wait ;=)

see ya

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