Anyone else getting DC or timed out

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Is anyone else getting dc or timed out of the game today cause it has happen to me like 5 times in the last hour and it getting to be a pain in the !@#
Yes, it just started for me about 5 minutes ago, and I can't get back on now.
Yes. Can't even get to the character screen
yepppppppp, servers freaking out
Yes me, 2 times in 15 minuts code 3005 and 3007
Yes.. a lot... 3 times atm..

Where are u from?? Guys..
The gerbils are not spinning their wheels.
Blizz's hamsters died.
Same here
yes, I have decided I don't like it
yup .. think its nap time i can't even get back on now !!!
well, 2.3 doesn't work, anyway u can patch 2.4 now blizz?
I played for about 5 min then got booted...still attempting to reconnect. Several failed attempts.
"Let's do - the time out - agaaaaaaaaain!"
Yep stuck at login
Around 4:03 EST, i dc'd and now keep getting the same error code as you; 3005 and 3007
errrrm. I'm still inside a rift and able to play but my client is offline. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Am I in the twilight zone?
Got kicked too, can't get on (errors 3005 and 3007).
HaHa the ban wave has hit, works fine for me
yes its happening to most of us. wont load past retrieving hero list. then dc
got back in once like 3 min after 1st time. now hangs at hero retriaval. and hearthstone wont connect either
Isnt my ISP.. so, i conclude that is Blizzard being Blizzard. The Cube issue, and now this.. This company isnt the same one of old time..

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