Hardcore toons need a dif season portrait.

Let's be real here. Their needs to be a different portrait/set of cheeves entirely for HC toons because earning the Season Journey on a HC toon compared to a SC toon is entirely different. If you compare the % of people who got it on HC to SC it is literally just a small fraction.

Adding 2 separate sets of seasonal journies for different portraits/frames/colors would encourage people to play HC once they finished up SC or visa versa, thus providing people with more interest.
Meh to anything cosmetic, especially paragon portraits which I so rarely look at.
There was talk of adding HC specific visuals years ago. It never happened.
They won't do it because a lot of people on the forums would complain about HC having something that SC doesn't have. And being forced to play HC for something that is required... You know, that old chestnut.
I would prefer that everything stay exactly the same btwn hc and sc, other than the obvious difference of permanent death. I think that there should be no other difference at all...making it less likely for the devs to mess something up that could cause more server instability.

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