bounty bug: "Kill the succulent"

Bug Report
i have cleared the entire 2 floors of the Tidal cave lvl 1 and 2 and havent found the Succulent at all, is this a new bug? anyone else have this problem?
Happened To me as Well. Looks like a fresh restart if this bounty comes up
Yep, just tried to complete and wasn't able to.
Bugged on us tonight.
Same story here on 12/05/2016 .....sad !
Succulent still not spawning or showing marker on map... Four months ago, seriously?

Lol my edit was because I can't do math.. said Five months ago.. Still four is a long time.
Same issue for me. Cleared lvl 1 and 2 completely and ran through the entire to levels a second time just to make sure. 8 months in and still having this issue?
bump. same problem today
Same !@#$...
Yep. I just went through the cave at least 7x and nothing. I'm not trying to do the bounty, I'm trying to get the transmog it drops. It figures that it doesn't spawn anymore.
I got it in S7. Need some farming, but it is not too rare.
s8 lets go
argh~!!! why blizzard still haven't fix this bug?!! encountered this today in Season8 T4
Still the same problem in HC.

Searched for the Succulent in lvl 1 but couldn't find him. Cleard the 100 mobs but still no ping over the whole map.
Map was checked by 2 other players.
Wasn't able to complete the the bounty run.

Please Fix!
Having the same problem today 1/31/2017
01/31/2017 02:01 AMPosted by Kib
Having the same problem today 1/31/2017

Same issue as of 4/18. Monster just... didn't spawn.
the same issue today (public bounty game). 02 sep 2017.
This bug was found at 19 jan 2016 and still not fixed...
I wonder, why it is not yet fixed ?
same problem here today
11:40 CST 12/3/2017.

THis just happened to my group...#blizzardFail

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