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Noticed this while running a t6 rift; even after killing an elite back and moving to a new floor in the rift I maintained 24 stacks of firebird's finery. This has happened twice already, the first time it went away when I killed another elite pack which i guess reset the stacks.

Just a heads up
I almost never even get the buff and when i do, it stays untill i kill another elite pack.
Also makes the firebird set dungeon impossible to complete.
Just the game having problems recognising when monsters are on fire.
Noticed this as well. While I don't know how many stacks I had, I maintained the buff for the whole GRift, cutting my time for the same level GRift I did just before in half.
Add +1 to this bug;

I also see the buff, no stack numbers in my case, just the icon, only moving on to killing another elite pack or boss causes a debuff.

However, even leaving the 2nd burning boss to burn down to die does not reset the buff.

I'd describe the buff as an on-off toggle, rather than a timer/counter based effect.

Also - on small mobs, seems I can never 'burn' them; either my normal damage kills them before any burn effect shows up. or they don't ever show the burn effect if it is happening (no 25% buff stacks, either). But since this happens even on T10 trash mobs, I suspect it too is a defect.
This is what I'm talking about. it doesn't work.
One other related question: I see WW Barbs mowing down trash as well as bosses with whatever buff they receive. It seems permanent, as they can wipe entire grifts without losing the WW buff.

It really really seems lame to provide a Firebird buff that is only part time as I presume this new buff is supposed to work. We have no 300% run speed buff; we have no 'kill everything in one hit' buff, so we can't waltz thru areas where mobs that aren't elites block our paths. We will have to doggedly pound thru mobs of low ranking critters that die before the 25% buff hits - and then at a boss survive long enough to invoke the 600% buff and kill everything there, only to have the buff fade the moment the boss dies and we're back to slogging away.

I hate to play this card, but seeing WW Barbs do what they do - and seeing Monks do what they do - I am feeling pretty down about how unfair some characters are being treated.

I can understand better players - better reflexes, connections, whatever - doing a few grift tiers aboive me; but I've watched P150 noobs run me thru 45 grifts without blinking; they solo 55's; and it's all I can do to solo a 42 -- that's with P500, a full set of Ancient FB gear that I think is well balanced, and WITH the new buffs.

Heck, my no-brainer put it on and fight Tal Rasha set does more damage than the newly 'enhanced' Firebird set. And with Tal Rasha, I don't even have to play the game; the set does all the work. Something I suspect is happening with those WW Barbs and Monks that run grifts so easily.

And, while I am no expert of Archon builds, my attempts at getting an Archon thru a grift has been less than satisfactory- even trying to follow the well known build styles. Something in these other players setups is crucial, and it isn't obvious to me, and many people I play with.
Oh - regarding the FB Dungeon - my FB build one shots all the small mobs WITHOUT the FB buff on. I can't get the buff until I find an elite pack ... guess I'll need to build a whimp FB in order to do the dungeon -- there's a video that explains how to do it; but I think they somehow get their base damage down to around 250k.
confirmed this is definitely bugged -- same !@#$ happened to me
+1 noticing the same thing on live 2.4
this is really bad for T6 rifts on the new season.. I can barely kill anything with 5mio damage ticks with a full set. Then suddenly the buff activates and I get 50mio+ ticks with strong burning. A few seconds later the buff dissappears.

This happens with every skill. Even after triggering a definitive 3000% damage stack (molten impact, black hole - blazar, disintegrate in 2s) nothing happens
Also getting the same issue. Just got the full set on seasonal, the 6 piece bonus does not trigger properly. It will randomly trigger every now and then, and stick around for way too long. 99% of the time it does not activate at all, regardless of number of burning mobs or whether or not there is a burning elite, the ticks stay at the same values.
I seem to be getting both. The biggest annoyance is that the firebird burning almost never kicks in on trash mobs. It takes me longer to kill a small pack of white trash then it does to kill a rift guardian or any elite.

I was noticing this repeatedly on greater rifts (empowered), however when I switched over to some TX nephalem rifts trash started to burn like normal.

As far as the 6pc buff I definitely get it on elites but if I do get it on trash there has never been a counter. Just a buff icon with no numbers.
Blizzard please! Fix
Same issue on my (now Arcane Orbit) Firebird wizard.
I have same problem.
Tell us blizzard anything, you going to fix it or not... if not then tell us why and what the hell is hapenning... it was good set back in ptr times... but right now it's ultra bugged noone knows what the hell :O! Its just too hard to do anything using this set. Noone knows what to expect, when buff will trigger and when it won't!
The buff would almost never appear, appear for a second or two with 24 stacks, then disappear again. Then suddenly I had a 24 stack perpetually after killing a rare pack and lasted until I killed the rift guardian, constantly at 24 stacks. Item set is bugged as !@#$.
S5 here : buff almost never show up on my side and when it rarely pop up it's until i kill another elite / change rift level @max stack...

FIX IT srsly ....
its suck, every fire skill, every combine of firebirds finery and the same bug.. this bug totally destroy S5 start for wizard players ;/
I have the same problem unfortunately
i'm also affected. please fix ASAP

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