Firebird's 6 pc bug

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Still not working and still no blue post.
PLEASE just acknowledge the issue, at least.
This is so annoying I can't do my set dungeon please fix your broken quest actiblizzion
I haven't been playing because of this. Why haven't this been addressed?
The problem seems to be that by the time you receive the 6 piece set, your damage and toughness are too high.

I've been experimenting with purposefully nerfing myself ( yellow weapon, stripping myself of armor, ect... ) in order to achieve the objects and I've had some success. The problem is simply that if I am gimped enough to get the burn objectives met, I'm too weak to actually finish everything off in the dungeon.

Likewise with my toughness; if I gimp myself enough to be killed by the elites, I'm *really* squishy. To the point where the other mobs doing physical can kill me.

This set doesn't seem well thought out.
I'm now slotting a blue weapon and I can sometimes get the burn on 20 enemies happening.

This is a dumb challenge.
Already rerolled a DH cause this doesn't seem to be getting fixed anytime soon.
Decide to roll a seasonal wizard for the first time ever normally go monk or demon hunter. Think to myself hey that firebird set looks pretty fun. Get to 70 get my free set and it's bugged....I wouldn't even be that upset if it wasn't for the fact that firebirds is the only set that is dropping for me it seems so I can't even try a different set :( also could we get a blue post about this please I realize you guys are probably pretty busy but a short message saying you are at least aware there is a problem would be nice :)
Got my Firebirds set today and felt something was off. I come here and see this crap xD Are you serious, Blizzard? 10 days and no one even bothered to address the issue?
Did Grift 60 with Firebird's before I swapped over to DMO. In my experience, the buff from having an elite burning almost never appeared on my screen but I was still getting its singular 600% bonus. This was easy to see as non-elite trash would begin to take serious damage once I had an elite burning and they would absolutely melt when the fire buff from Convention rolled around.

I also noticed that if I kept running and set as much stuff as I could on fire, everything was generally dying faster with higher ticks of the burn DoT even without an elite burning.

Perhaps the buff display is a separate issue from people actually not getting the damage bonus? Again, I rarely ever saw the buff showing up on my UI and I was definitely getting it. Though, it should be noted that my buff wasn't always affecting the burn DoT itself, but it definitely affected my other skills. Thinking about it, it's possible the elite burn bonus isn't applying to burns, but the non-elite burn bonus is.
I'm having this issue as well. Awkward stacks occur, damage wildly fluctuates, issues with timed spells like ice armor lasting forever where spells like magic weapon lasting 1 minute. Bugged mobs specifically Epic Packs becoming wooden after having all their HP removed via attack and burn just standing there not counting against rift kills. Broke...
Also confirmed you can switch to non fire Disintegrate and have 100% up time of 24 stacks (Killing an elite with a fire skill kills the bug). The buff stays through loading screens and you keeps stacks when starting grifts similar to the ptr exploit.
Same for me. I dont See the buff by killing white Monster.
seriously? bump
01/23/2016 05:58 PMPosted by Carbon
Already rerolled a DH cause this doesn't seem to be getting fixed anytime soon.

how do I reroll another seasonal hero? I know you can have several seasonal hero but only the first one can get the Haedrig's gift right? so how to I get another seasonal hero and still get the set gear? do I just delete the one that I had?
BUMP x129387192837198273918273
also rerolled to a barb until it will get fixed... if it will
How do you reroll? I mean you used the only set you got from the gift, doesn't really matter what class you use at this point does it?

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