2.4 DMO Wand of Woh [PS4 GR73+, PC GR80+?]



I play on PS4. What works on console might not work 100% on PC due to minor differences between the two versions. Greater Rift (GR) ranks attainable with equivalent gear might also differ due to discrepancies with monster health and Nephalem Glory.

I wanted to share this build because I haven't seen any in-depth Explosive Blast guides for 2.4 and Delsere's Magnum Opus. I'm using EB bbecause Energy Twister is still bugged on console (casts from character instead of from target). Arcane Orb feels clunky by comparison. This build will not push quite as high as Arcane Orb (especially Arcane Orbit), but should be faster in general for Torment X, bounties, farming, etc.

Please feel free to share feedback, suggestions, corrections, and improvements. You can also ping me if you play on PS4. My PSN handle is StinkyThumbs.


Explosive Blast (EB) Chain Reaction is the main attack. With Wand of Woh and sufficient cooldown reduction (CDR), EB will be going off constantly. EB has no cast animation, which allows us to spam Spectral Blades (SB) Flame Blades to boost EB damage.

Both main skills' damage are boosted by Delsere's Magnum Opus (DMO). Both skills will also be attacking extremely quickly, resetting the cooldown on Slow Time (ST) allowing for ST spam.

We need to get at least 50% CDR, as follows:

Evocation = 20%
Paragon = 10%
Diamond in helm = 12.5%
Shoulder = 8%
Weapon = 10%
Offhand = 8%

Giving us a total of 52%. CDR is also available on rings, but getting CHD, CHD, and CDR on Focus & Restraing is not easy, as it requires rerolling Int.

I've found this build plays like a permanent 2.3 Archon.

The loadout proposed below will provide enough offence and defence to clear high GRs.

Active Skills


  • Spectral Blade - Flame Blades: SB attacks extremely quickly with Shame of Delsere and Fragment of Destiny. With DMO, SB does respectable damage on its own. With Shame of Delsere, it will keep our AP filled for Aquila Cuirass. Flame Blades also boosts EB damage.
  • Explosive Blast - Chain Reaction: Our main damage dealer when used with Woh. Chain Reaction is the most fun because of constant explosions and because it will be boosted by Flame Blades, but Unleashed and Flash could work as well.
  • Slow Time - Exhaustion: The cornerstone of every DMO build. Any of the other runes will also work well, but I prefer Exhaustion because we'll be fighting mostly in melee range. The cooldown on ST will be constantly reset by SB and EB. It's very easy to have the whole screen covered in bubbles.
  • Teleport - Safe Passage: Allows us to use Teleport offensively by teleporting into the middle of a pack while setting off EB.
  • Ice Armor - Crystallize: Ice Armor will be our key defensive skill when combined with Halo of Arlyse to provide a large amount of damage reduction. Crystallize is the most consistent defensive rune. Chilling Aura and Ice Reflect are potentially viable alternatives.
  • Magic Weapon - Deflection: Again, we're going with a defensive option because we'll be fighting in melee range. Much improved to scale with HP as of 2.4. If toughness is not an issue, this can be replaced with Force Weapon for extra damage.


  • Evocation: Mandatory CDR for any Woh build.
  • Illusionist: Provides quick cooldown resets of ST and Teleport.
  • Unstable Anomaly: A staple of nearly every GR build, and especially important when we're fighting in melee range.
  • Audacity: Mandatory for any melee build.
  • Blur: Additional toughness as a 5th (Hellfire) passive is useful when in melee range. Hellfire Amulet can have any of the 5 Passives in this list, allowing us to slot the other 4 in our skills selection.

Other passives to consider: Dominance, maybe Elemental Exposure.

Unfortunately, many of the other passives just don't apply to a cooldown-focused melee-range fire-based build. None of the AP-related skills make sense with Shame of Deslere, and even interesting things like Arcane Dynamo won't work with Woh.


  • Helm - Shrouded Mask: Part of DMO set. Get the standard Int, Vit, CD, and a socket here.
  • Shoulder - Dashing Pauldrons of Despair: Part of DMO set. Aim for Int, Vit, CDR and EB damage. No Area Damage for this build because AD doesn't work with Woh; the additional blasts don't proc AD.
  • Chest - Harness of Truth: Part of the DMO set. We're going with Int, Vit, 3 sockets, and EB damage.
  • Pants - Leg Guards of Mystery: Part of the DMO set. Aim for Int, Vit, 2 sockets, and Armor. pAnts have a relatively small selection of mods and should generally be a purely defensive slot.
  • Gloves - Fierce Gauntlets: Part of the DMO set. Get Int, Vit, CHC, CHD here. There's an argument to be made for CDR instead of Vit, but we'll already be giving up Vit in both weapon and offhand slots. Gloves is also a "large" stat roll, up to 1000 on ancient items.
  • Boots - Striders of Destiny: Part of the DMO set. This is a purely defensive slot, since our damage skills don't roll on boots. Aim for Int, Vit, Armor, and All Resist.
  • Weapon - Wand of Woh: This wand is obviously the centrepiece of any EB build. Aim for Int, CDR, and Attack Speed (AS) here. The AS on weapon will get us to the next breakpoint for SB when combined with the AS from Shame of Delsere, Fragment of Destiny, and Paragon. Note that the 2.4 version now rolls with 75-100% EB damage.
  • Offhand - Orb of Infinite Depth: This new 2.4 orb is mandatory for any EB build, adding both damage and toughness. Look for one that has Int, CHC, CDR, and EB damage.
  • Belt - Shame of Delsere: This new 2.4 belt is perfect for this build. It will keep our AP filled via SB and the speed increase stacks with Fragment of Destiny. For this slot, we want Int, Vit, Armor, and Life.
  • Wrist - Ancient Parthan Defenders: APD provide a huge amount of toughness when combined with Halo of Arlyse. We want Int, Vit, Fire damage, and CHC here.
  • Rings - Focus & Restraint: Probably best in slot because we are constantly spamming both SB and EB. Aim for CHC and CHD with either CDR or Int. F&R automatically come with sockets.
  • Neck - Hellfire Amulet: 5th passive can be any of the ones previously discussed in the skills section. We want CHD, CHC, and either Fire damage or Int. Hellfire automatically comes with a socket. Other options for neck include any of the immunity amulets.


  • Weapon - Fragment of Destiny: Boosts SB speed considerably and automatically gets the full 200% damage bonus when cubed. Honourable mentions go to Furnace and Aether Walker.
  • Armor - Aquila Cuirass: Ideal since we will be at 100% AP nearly all the time, which means double the toughness. Particularly important because we are in melee range.
  • Jewelry - Halo of Arlyse: Another 60% damage reduction when paired with Ice Armor. The Frost Nova is just icing (no pun intended) and interacts with APD to provide additional damage reduction when Nova goes off. Convention of elements can also be used instead.


  • Helm - Diamond: CDR
  • Chest/Legs - Topaz: Int

Legendary Gems

  • Bane of the Trapped: Automatic multiplicative damage increase because it's range is almost the same as SB and EB range.
  • Bane of the Stricken: Makes meat out of Rift Guardians. Stacks very quickly due to the fast attack speed of SB.
  • Esoteric Alteration or Molten Wildebeest Gizzard: Additional toughness for melee range fighting. I haven't yet tried Mutilation Guard to compare results.


  • Core: Movement Speed > Int. There's no need for additional AP or Vit.
  • Offence: CDR > AS > CHD > CHC. We want to max CDR and AS first for EB and SB respectively.
  • Defence: Armor > Resist All > Life > LPS.
  • Utility: LoH > AD > RCR > Gold Find.
Seems like a fine build. Been playing around with firebirds with wand of woh and deathwish for channeling disintegrate while spamming EB, work in progress.

Edit: I don't play PC anymore and haven't for around 2 years. I play console (ps4) only now. Last patch i played was 2.1 or something lol.
I just (barely) cleared 74 on console with this build.
Updated with Diablofans link.
hey there, nice build :) im on PS4 also and loving this!
One question, since this build revolving around having sufficient CDR for EB, what would you say is the ideal number of CDR ? i'm at only around 28% and I do find there's a small gap between each EB im firing off..
01/20/2016 10:04 PMPosted by Jin
i'm at only around 28% and I do find there's a small gap between each EB im firing off..

50% is the sweet spot.
arcane dynamo should be a big boost to the EBs dmg or?
Dynamo will only boost your initial cast, not the additional blasts from Woh.
01/20/2016 10:23 PMPosted by Gill
01/20/2016 10:04 PMPosted by Jin
i'm at only around 28% and I do find there's a small gap between each EB im firing off..

50% is the sweet spot.

Evocation = 20%
Paragon = 10%
Diamond in helm = 12.5%
Shoulder = 8%
Weapon = 10%
Offhand = 8%

Gives a total of 52%. CDR is also available on rings, but getting CHD, CHD, and CDR on Focus & Restraing is not easy, as it requires rerolling Int.
My problem with this build is that i arealdy had a woh, ancient.
But now i have to find another one.

It will take years with my luck.
This seems like Arcane Orbit, but you need to give up a truckload of stats to make it work. Don't see the point. Woh is always fun though, for the booms.
I find it plays much faster and smoother than Arcane Orbit and only pushes slightly lower. Admittedly this build requires more precise gearing but is more "well rounded".
This is a great build, I don't care for the orbit one at all. I got really lucky, and before reading your guide really well, rerolled my 3100+ dps WoW from 6% attack speed to 10% CDR. I guess I should have rolled the 7% damage to CDR instead? What are the spectral blade breakpoints anyway, or how much attack speed do we need? I'm sitting at 50.39% CDR and 1.43 APS, unoptimized gear. Can't get a decent HF Amulet for the life of me :(
you wont need to hunt down another wand of woh if its cubed the stats are there automatically
same thing if your using a ather walker or a death wish once its cubed the stats convert till you change to something else
03/26/2016 02:19 PMPosted by shadowstormx
you wont need to hunt down another wand of woh if its cubed the stats are there automatically

the +100% EB damage doesn't go to the cube.
This build is great and I'm sure it can push even to 90 or more with the best gear.

I'm trying a build related to this one that uses EB and all fire spells as well. But I'm trying to make it work using Arcane Torrent with Etched Sigil and the channeling belt/shoulder. Not using any primary.

You can have overlapping casts from ES and your normal casts, it increases your damage output with EB a lot, but as ES has an internal cooldown to EB, the same as a normal cast, it's really just a double EB, the same as your 50% cdr. So you can change all cdr on better stats.

I'm trying to bring with it another spender to use ES potential. Best so far are fire tornadoes. The other problem being overall less bubbles because Arcane Torrent doesn't count to ST cdr as Spectral Blades. I'm experimenting with Mirror Images! haha

Considering my gear is crap, not even an ancient Woh or anything good, and I'm doing around GR 65 with it, i think it has potential.

If you have some spare items, try it out: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/74970-exploding-suns-dmo-fire-gr-groups

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