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So anyone know all the lore this area yet? Here's what I found:

-weird guy with a horned hat keeps doing rituals, everytime I meet him in a new game he comments on how we've been through this before and how he dies.

-Found the journal entries for the shipwrecked crew. There's a small cave with an entry that goes upto 3/4 entries. The final entry mentions how he's killed a strange guy with horns many times before.

-the tower with a unique at the top. Some journal entries I've found here leads me to believe the high priest son is the crazy horned guy.

-a women praying at an alter that when you get closed starts a mini event where you kill all the bats. The event is called something along the lines of "ritual interrupted event". From what I've seen, she doesn't move or anything. I need to see if I can stand behind her and not trigger that event.

Somehow I feel like there's something more to this place.... That strange horned guy and the strange horned woman seem like there's more to them. If anything, it would be cool to unlock a boss (like Skeleton King level boss) that's the Goddess.
From all the lore entries I've found so far, what seems to have happened is that an ancient nephalem civilization that lived on the island worshipped Nereza, regularly offering her human sacrifices. We know from lore journals in the Festering Woods that Nereza is a demon who once promised a group of nephalem that she would restore their children's fading powers, but instead "turned them into misshapen creatures and sent them to war against us". When the high priest's son turned against his father and freed the girl he was meant to sacrifice, Nereza appeared before him and he tried to kill her, whereupon she "entered the island." Her body and the body of the potential sacrifice (Sara) are still atop the tower, but interestingly, Sara's remains are skeletal while Nereza seems not to have decayed at all, not even her clothing.

Nereza's power merging with the island may be responsible for the malevolence of its reputation and the creatures that inhabit it. She also seems to be able to affect the water around the island, in the form of the water monsters that spit up amputators and the wave that "appeared from nowhere" to smash Sharpe's ship into the cove.

If you find all of Reyald (the son)'s journals, and then open another of his satchels, it opens a portal to another version of the top of the tower, where the horned man (whom I agree seems to be Reyald) claims his soul can finally be cleansed. You kill him once again, and he thanks you for freeing him.

I haven't found much else besides all of this, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is more. The devs have indicated that there is a secret Kanai event during the month of Kevin Kanai Griffith's birthday. Likewise, there may be more hidden events on Greyhollow that nobody has discovered yet, perhaps involving Nereza.

I've gotten the "ritual interrupted" event as well, but I've never noticed the woman praying at the altar before it triggers. I'll look more closely next time.
That's pretty much what I've gotten from it.

The two things I'd add are that Rayeld seems to have been keeping the evil of the island contained, at the cost of trapping him in some sort of time loop. No idea what it means now that we've freed him, but I would imagine that he wouldn't just let us do that without warning us if that meant bad things.

Also, the fact that Nereza was transforming early humans to fight the Nephalem back in the day, could be used to explain why the player character doesn't seem to have to worry about the apparent curses. It's kind of a neat touch.
The lore of Greyhollow is rather fascinating, though I wish the events weren't so hard to find at times.
The Greyhollow lore is fascinating and yes i figured thAT Nereza who was a demon in disguise she transformed the early nephalem into ghouls. There has to be something more to this island besides a crazy guy, an oversized collossal golgor named Farhzula in the tower and a skeleton named sara and Nereza's corpse. I also assumed Nereza came into the Mortal plane from all the scrafical rituals the High cleric preformed

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