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Hey everyone. so I'm para 500 into this season and I have yet to get a single ramaladni's gift to drop. Not one. I get that it's RNG but it seems a bit much. I know some people don't have this problem at all, I've seen people that have had an upwards of 15+ drop for them already. I think you should be able to buy Ramaladni's gift with gold. Make it cost somewhere between 100-250m gold. Keep it accessible to people for end game instead of this horrendously random drop rate.
I got lucky and nabbed one around 350p but yeah I've got a handful of friends with your same issue.

The only thing I can suggest is identify the stat you will be rerolling on your weapon (pray it isn't the damage range or you'll have to wait for the gift) and roll it to a socket until you get a gift. I was smashing t10 before I got my gift for my aether walker.

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