HP decreases for monk on various occasion

Bug Report
i have noticed since i had completed 6pcs inna's set bonus that the HP decreases on the following:

1. when picking up random items from that came out from chests (cursed chest, boss kill chest)
2. when picking up loots after killing Rift Gaurdian.
3. when claiming pool of reflection
4. when claiming healing wells! (more like a poison well!)
5. when levelling up! (now, i could say, it's levelling down!)

my HP decreases by half!

i do not have any screenshot of it and i do not know how to record my game so i 'm not able to post video in youtube to give evidences of the above, but my clanmate also said the same thing after gaining the 6pc inna's set bonus (previously, he was using monkey garb).

i'm sure some monks have noticed this as well...

and take note, i'm playing HC... so this is quite a challenge right now.

and bliz will not be ressurecting my toon when it died due to this bug.

hope this is fixed soon.

Exactly the same problem. Nice informational post OP.
Hope this is fixed soon. Thanks!
This is a known problem since PBE
Its because of the mystic , they is a refresh or something
+1 Push

Same problem here. Why is it not in the sticky tread of knowing issues, see all Inna Set player have this issue with the earth rune.
01/18/2016 02:32 PMPosted by Exl
This is a known problem since PBE
Its because of the mystic , they is a refresh or something

But why? Why are the allies refreshing when you pick up something? I could understand the lvling up part because your stats improve & thus your allies have to respawn with the new stats and stuff. But why does it happen if you pick up stuff? Or activate wells?
There should be a fix for that. I already died way too often because a teammate used a well or i got a lvl up in the middle of 3 elite packs.
Please fix it, just lost my Season HC Monk on top 100 America's =/
Same prob here... died more than once due to this fun fact. Hope this gets fixed very fast.....
Plz, fix this stupid bug :(
Same here... this need fix.. pls
Bump. C'mon, Blizzard, at least acknowledge the bug!
+1 Yeah, fix it blizz.

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