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01/23/2016 01:53 PMPosted by DragonChaser
Use that old lvl we did to lvl a grift key.. (yes you heard that right new guys :) ) and make it a defence mission where we have to defend a corpse or something and enemies come in waves like back then. The thing is... what kind of reward would make it worth to keep trying over and over again to get to wave 100 for example.

Rewards can be as simple as new skins, pets banners or icons. You could even do a leader board if you wanted.
Certain content while fun isn't a walk in the park to develop and would require the resources only an expansion or Diablo 4 would provide. I don't foresee the man hours available for a patch being enough to do certain things.

For example:

PvP: should be skill based not gear based. Gear based simply means the people that play a lot/bot will dominate and instagib everyone. This requires normalised stats. In theory that is fine and could be fun but normalised means no sets which means all the skills and runes need redone then the pve gear rebalanced around that. Thats unlikely to happen in a patch.

I think it would be best to ask for easy wins that they have a chance at being able to provide. Thus some ideas:

Realm of Trials: bring it back as a wave attack mode. Possibly add different maps, objectives, etc with a leaderboard.

Ubers: apply the GR system of difficulty. Whatever GR you have completed you can select up to with a leaderboard.

Bounty Events: no specific things in mind here just more stuff like Greeds Realm. Portals to unique places that are worth doing.

No Set Grifts: as the name suggests a leaderboard for doing Grifts without a set. Can just use the same leaderboard with a Boolean added to the database to indicate if you have a set item on then filter accordingly.

Inferno: cant enter it with anything that provides power creep (leg gems, main stat augments, paragon disabled, ancient stats normalised to non ancient)... basically the power available to a class is set purely by items so the dps/toughness available is at a baseline. This then allows the difficulty required for each act to be gaged as there is a power cap that cant be passed so you can't over gear it. Make it as hard as the original inferno... its optional after all so people that hate the idea can just not partake in it (dont gate anything in it just some awesome cosmetics pets etc).

All the above I feel should be achievable in the scope of a patch.
Endgame should be building characters and showing off your hard work in creating cool characters.

It should take a long time to build a character. Not 10 seconds to change gear and swap skills.
Because I replay the game so much from hardcore and seasons, a good end-game consists of a good mid-game with meaningful challenges and progress to be experienced several times through - with sidequests and exploration. A good end-game also consists of extreme challenges that aren't unobtainable but not something that is done on every character.

A good end-game would be stable, and not infinitely scaling.

An example of a cool end-game activity: Diablo 1 style dungeon, with 1 life can you get to the bottom and kill diablo? killing secondary bosses along the way award moderate rewards, and if you go all the way you get the superbowl trophy. It has a definite end that is not obtainable to all but benchmark rewards.

Rifts could be an interesting part of end-game but I don't feel they were designed well, and the reward structure is not appropriate considering you can basically do rifts til your heart is content.

Rifts/ Bounties / Story mode should all be one thing. There should only be one mode. Bounties should be active from the get go. something that can be focused on but something that will also happen just as you play through the story. You could still backtrack and find still-unexplored areas for bounty targets and events. "Events" had such potential to be interesting. But instead of making them epic, interesting, and rewarding - worth while on their own - we got the bounty system we have now.
01/23/2016 01:22 AMPosted by ercan
What exactly would you like to do in D3 end-game?

A working remort system.
A working trading system.
A working pvp system.
The only thing I ask is for more sets since the current ones already became the "sub-classes" of each character (which are kind of mandatory). I'm among those few people who don't play greater rifts, so I want more kind of items for builds in campaign and adventure mode.

I honestly think that GRIFT kind of breaks the game. As well of his antecesor, D3 content was originally prepared to be played within a difficulty range (Normal to Torment 10 now), and of course, there you have more possible builds. However, if you play grift the game only ask you to be efficient, so mathematically there are less viables possibilities to reach higher lvls.

No matter what the devps do, there will be always a build that fits better the algorithm of a limitless difficulty. So? I simply don't play it, I don't even care about it and I enjoy the game in campaign and normal rifts. Sets, pvp and trading would be cool for endgame. :)
For the 50th time....

Greater Boss Rifts.

I. Want. To. Fight. Malthael....on GR70.
My only advise to get PvP going is keep using Brawler and bomb them with feedback and slowly Change Brawler from inside out.

Anyway, my End Game will be Endless Tower, like Rift but you always start from first floor (T10/GRift 45 right from the start) and work your way up. You can floor rush but once you die, it's the end.
01/23/2016 09:07 AMPosted by RUNtoFUN
-D3 has a large active playerbase as it is (no marketing motivation)

that is a bold statment, easy to say 1 weak after season start... I know what happens 1 month from now... Not even players that stream for a living stay that long!
I want not to be able to change build on the go, I want to actually BUILD a build, like in d2, poe, grim dawn, etc.

I want pvp the way it was promised and advertised.

I want to actually be able to customize my character in any way beside itemization. attribute points per level, unlike paragon points. (and no, not only cosmetic customization)

I want the classes to be different, instead they all have the SAME STATS, dex=str=int, they all do the same exact thing (+% damage, damage mitigation) in the same exact way!!! and we can't even choose how to distribute defensive and offensive stats.

I want skills not to be weapon damage based.

I want to be able to play from scratch in STORY MODE without feelin inefficient since every new season starts with adventure mode unlocked.

I want auction house (not rmah) cause it was half of this game's fun. I don't care about trade.

I want offline mode

I want ATLEAST 4v4 pvp games.

I don't want big numbers everywhere, don't want powercreep after every single patch, don't want sets that are 10 times stronger than any other item combination.
more Grift, more power creep, move the stash and blacksmith into the rift, so I don't even have to go back to town anymore.
Rune words, charms, instead of mindless paragon, an affix or skill tree of some kind.

To me, endgame should be about painting in the fine details of my vision for my character.

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