Act 1 Bounty: Stanger in need

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Hardcore, T1, Multiplayer, Act1, Halls of Agony Level 2 10 30 pm

Bounty Stranger in Need
Part of bounty bug occurred: Rescue Merhan: Iron maiden Merhan is trapped in did is not on map/ did not spawn in / is not clickable item.

Steps taken: different members of team teleported in to see if it was the same for every one , teleported out and back in , clicked over every / moused over with no items/objects showing , Started thread , because hellpppp we need an adult / coding / can of bug spray

Thanks in advance for all the crap you guys put up with.
Same here in normal, cant finish bounty. Merhan not spawn after clicked iron maiden.
I had the same problem in a group bounty. I was the one trying to rescue Merhan. I killed the elite boss and opened the iron maiden, but Merhan was not there, so I couldn't speak to him to finish the bounty.

The other players teleported in to check it out, but there wasn't anything that could be done.

This was in Softcore, Tormernt X on Sunday night Februray 21st on the East coast.

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