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Feel free to add me

PSN MacByrne
PSN: Alpherah

Long time PC player just started on PS4 - P500 monk looking for anything really :)
I play DH and Monk, creative and intelligent builds, 100% legit since '97.

Veteran of D1, D1 Hellfire, D2, D2 LoD, D3 PC, D3 PC RoS and now D3 PS4 RoS.

I was amazed that I finally enjoy playing a game on console more than PC, that is, until I got PS+ to play online. Was blown away at the modding, haven't seen this since Diablo 1. It's out of control. I don't even bother opening up my games to public any more.

Hit me up:
Im finishing campaign mode and i will be happy to add anyone to play adventure!
I have a wizard lvl 62

Psn: ramireitor23
01/13/2016 11:58 AMPosted by Zraktos
Ive seen several threads but figured I would post my own.

Psn: tooned_22

Legit player, my paragon is 800 due to joining a public game... :(

Looking for legit players to farm rifts and such

Legit player. Haven't been playing much,but since i have plenty of time this week,i wouldn't mind powerleveling new players.

PSN: firemarbill
Barb or WD
New Player LVL 50 Monk add me PSN:lilkev998
Randomstardust main LON bombardment hc
Add me:
Wizard 450+ paragon, only legit players
I would be legit If I could transfer save from Xbox 360
psn id; DaigonRoogen

With the friend invite make sure that the message states you're from here or I might not accept it resulting in no play from me. As for classes I play, I play them all with the exception of DH since I find that class boring as all hell. I am not very high in paragon however since I migrated from the ps3 which I gave up on playing since they announced there wouldn't be any updates for it.
PSN Neoluficer paragon 600 atm trying to do lv71 G.rift.
PSN: Seven6Five_ (Don't forget the underscore)

Long time PC player...Interested in finding some legit people to play on PS4 with...Mostly into playing Hardcore but will also play Softcore...Feel free to add me if you'd like...Looking forward to playing with you all...
Hey -

PSN: wafflechin

Paragon 950 - that was joining a public game and not realising people who're paragon 1K + are usually hacked -

Only working with legit gear and would love to play seriously/farm with a couple of people!

Usual Character is a DH however have a Speced out Wiz too
psn: samplos88. Always down for bounties, rifts, new playthroughs, whatever.
PSN: badrifle
I have been playing this game since it came out. FACT - THERE ARE NO LEGIT PLAYERS! You people think that only those with modded weapons or gear are NOT legit. Wake UP!!! What about all those items that are traded? They are all duped!!! If you hve a duped item, you are NOT LEGIT!!! I played a legit game with legit friends, and two of them had the identical same godly rings. Where do you people have the gall to call people cheaters when you yourselves have traded gear that has been duped? You all have gear that has been traded, so you are all cheaters. I read these posts every day, and I keep thinking you are all nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Why not just play the game and dont worry about legit/not legit. I don't even play public games anymore. I am hoping to once seasons start, but that is only if there is no trading or duping. To me, it is not just the modded gear that is the problem, but more so the constant duping, and we all have duped gear if we have traded! Lets stop these ridiculous threads! i am truly getting sick of the word 'Legit', as it is a joke!
PSN: Necrophobic_87

Around paragon 450
Playing softcore
Have a decent charge barb and am working on a wizard build now
Live in Australia AEST but am up late most nights
legit player add -> just_an_old_h3ro

new to ps4 but played on old gen

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