Firebirds Buff Bug? Or works as designed?

Well now that I got the gear for it the set seems to be working pretty well. I'm not sure if maybe it got secretly patched or what but it does seem to be trucking along.
I wish I had rolled a demon hunter... Now I can't get another haedrig's gift sigh.

Trash mobs are taking much longer than elites and the rift guardians wtf this is so stupid.
I swear it works like this: if the elite gets the firebird logo over their head, the buff activates.

If (any) elite burns to death, the buff ends

If you actively kill elites before the DOT, you don't lose the buff.

The trick is you can't be doing a dungeon that is too hard OR too easy. If it is too hard, the elites always burn to death, if it is too easy, they never catch fire. You need the sweet spot where you can either spam them to death, or let them burn, depending on what you need to keep/setup your buff.
When do you think Blizzard will address and fix this issue?
"soon" (never) if it is adversely impacting players...

If it is somehow exploited by the community and used to advance in the GRIFT leaderboards, it will be hotfixed in a week or two.
The 6-Piece damage bonus apply ONLY for monsters and elites in the perm-burn stage. Is this how the Fire Bird set is INTENDED to function? Blizzard, We needs you to have somebody come on and Respond to us.... PLEASE give us some clarity into what you intend or if this is a bug!!

If this isn't a bug, I feel that you need to seriously rethink how the set works again, Because Firebird is nearly useless Until Geared enough for GR 50+

Why wouldn't i just use Delsere Or Tal Rasha..... They work without needing to be geared for GR 50+
+1 if you are also somebody confused and NEED Blizzard to Clarify Their intentions with how Firebird is SUPPOSED to function!

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