My name is Urshi...

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"My name is Urshi"


What a silly thing to complain about.
Before she says it, I say "Your name is Urshi..". Every time. Revenge is sweet.
01/27/2016 04:56 PMPosted by Juggernaut
What a silly thing to complain about.
What a silly comment to make.

Apparently, according to people like yourself, we're only allowed to dislike things that are gamebreaking.
And like Orek... SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As stupid as this is... I agree 110%! HAHAHA...
That women drives me crazy.
Head to the Healing fountain, quickly!

You should really visit a healing fountain.

Get to the Healing Fountain.

You look rough! Get to the healing fountain!

Healing fountain!
I am skilled at purifying gems.
Highly Rated
01/27/2016 05:46 PMPosted by Kompotchorap
I am skilled at purifying gems.

Fails 4 times at 90%

Yea.. very skilled
01/27/2016 04:59 PMPosted by Siladil
Before she says it, I say "Your name is Urshi..". Every time. Revenge is sweet.

haha, nice strategy.
My stomach feels strange...
01/27/2016 06:02 PMPosted by DethAxe
My stomach feels strange...

did you forgot to eat again? :P
Yes, the repetitions hurt. It's okay with followers ever since their dialogue frequency was tuned down, but with Urshi it's just boring. Blizzard - pretty please, make her dialogue only play once, with an option to replay it just as with other NPCs, from a dialogue list.
You're tired of Urshi and not the hireling info as people join and leave???

seriously, pick your battles.

the hireling info needs to go.
They messed up something when they updated the game. Dialogues are marked as "not seen" all the time. That "blue" star above Tyrael and Lorath... I just want to make it disappear but it always comes back :(
I'm actually wishing we had a toggle for follower dialogue.

I miss having my scoundrel try to flirt with my demon huntress. :/
I turned off the speech in sound settings a year ago.

Never regretted it.
She is a trans-dimensional being. Every Urshi you see is a different one from a different universe. So, having never actually met you before, she introduces herself.

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